Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dear Associated Press

In this day and age of easily offended people, political correctness, and kneejerk litigation, I can certainly understand caution.

I can.

However, James von Brunn was caught on a dozen security cameras, seen by a dozen witness, left notes in his car and home as to his intent, and spread his hate across the breadth of the Internet. I think it’s safe to say “Gunman Charged in Museum Shooting” and just leave the “Alleged” out of it.

But this brings up a question, AP editors, to wit:

How come you are so very, very cautious in your word selection in the title of this article, but in the closing paragraphs where you say:

The attack was the third unsettling shooting that appeared to have political underpinnings.

A 23-year-old Army private, William Andrew Long, was shot and killed outside a recruiting office this month in Arkansas and a fellow soldier wounded. The suspect, a Muslim convert, has said he considers the killing justified because of the U.S. military presence in the Middle East.

Late last month, abortion provider Dr. George Tiller was shot to death in his church. The man accused of killing him is a longtime vocal opponent of abortion.

you point out that the man who shot two US Army Soldiers was a Muslim, but somehow fail to mention that the attacks on the National Holocaust Museum and upon Dr. George Tiller were both carried out by Christians.

Why is that?

How is it that you point out the danger Islamic extremism poses to Americans, but somehow completely and totally fail to even mention that in the last ten days there have been two attacks against Americans, and not just Americans but American Soldiers and a Federal security guard, by Christian extremists?

I eagerly await your answer, Associated Press.

Sincerely, Jim Wright.


  1. I hope you're not holding your breath Jim I don't think blue is your color.

  2. I can tell you why. They don't want the backlash that identifying the other two gunmen as Christians. Although I didn't hear that about James von Brunn.


  3. Dear Jim Wright,

    You're only asking this question because you're an asshole who wants to see Jesus cry. Everyone knows there's no such thing as Christian Terrorism.

    Yours in Jesus,

    The Associated Press

  4. Dear AP,

    You're not fooling me.


  5. Just like in genre, when the ethnicity of the character is non-defined you can assume generic white, Christian guy.

    Although, von Brunn, from what I hear, had a thing against Christianity as well. So he may not, actually, be Christian (although he might be one of those sub-sects that believes everybody else is wrong and lying about teh Bible, the Pope is the anti-Christ and has been since John XX, and only he and his followers know the true meaning of Star Trek, um, I mean, um,Christianity).

  6. That comment from the AP really blew me away. I had no idea that they're part of the religious right!

  7. I've strongly suspected for years the AP is part of whoever will pay attention to them...

    My friends in the mainstream media are welcome to disagree.


  8. well i can answer part of it, until he is charged he is only "Alleged" once charged he is charged and then when convicted he is convicted, as far as the religeous thing, i have no answer ::turns accusingly towards AP::

  9. Dear Stonekettle Station Readers,

    We here at the Associated Press are not part of the "religious right." We simply know which side of the bread is buttered, and who holds the knife, and it's not those dirty, dirty Muslim Terrorists.

    Yours in Jesus,

    The Associated Press

  10. Maybe its because when someone asks the question, "what would Jesus do?", its rather hard to offer the answer, "Jesus would blow people away with an assault rifle".

  11. Remember that the heavy artillery is on the side of the Lord.

    As a former member (got laid off after 34 years) of the main stream media, the Christian right isn't mad at us because we are Jewish Liberals, we weren't, but because we aren't Christian Right wing wack jobs like Rupert.


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