Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Jim is on vacation in the swamps of the Florida Panhandle, pity him.

I've been here four days.

So far I've seen two cars on fire.

In one case the engine was burning. Flames were shooting four feet in the air. There were a bunch of rednecks all standing around in the road with the hood up watching it burn. Nobody, including the cop, made any effort whatsoever to do anything other than comment and point.

The other one, the interior of the car was burning merrily. The entire front passenger seat was on fire, black smoke was billowing out of the windows. There were a bunch of rednecks standing around in the road watching it burn. Nobody, including the cop, made any effort whatsoever to do anything other than comment and point.

Seriously, what the fuck?


  1. Silly Alaskan. They had already gotten the beer out. All that was missing was a tailgate to sit on and watch the entertainment.

  2. You may be on to something, shawn

  3. hmmm sounds about right cept thier missing beer and a possum on a stick for eting. YEEEEHAWWWW!!!

  4. Possum is for stewin', gophers is for eatin' off of a stick.

    Just like cheese.

  5. I've had a car-b-que. What do you think should be done?

    Can't do much by yourself. Might as well stand around and watch.


  6. Well, call me crazy, Cassie, but I was thinking that the cop probably ought to get the fire extinguisher from his cruiser and, you know, put out the fire. Or maybe, you know, call the fire department. Or maybe even get people to a safe distance before the highly flammable brake fluid and steering fluid and air conditioning freon reservoirs cooked off.

  7. Not having seen those fires, all I can say is

    HAHAHHA! A fire extinguisher on a car fire!

    Calling fire department - if the cop was there, I think that had probably been done, right?

    Yes, getting out of the way would be wise, can't argue with that. (Gratuitous southern joke, put your own in here.)


  8. Hell, that ain't nuttin... sounds normal to me. We had an 18-wheeler burnt up on the interstates the other day. Everybody just stood around and watched it burn... and showed it on the tv an' all from them fellers in the helichoppers. Think it had some kind fertilizers on it. Burned real good...



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