Sunday, June 21, 2009

In The Florida Panhandle...

and Jesus Christ is it hot.

And humid.


  1. yeah yeah yeah...

    temperature and humidity were the same here for several hours yesterday.

    Of course today was lovely.

  2. It's the humidity that keeps you from frying up like ants under a blow torch. If it weren't for the humidity, Florida would quickly burn up from all the side fires set by the seniors becoming human torches (after all, we pre-dry them before we move them down there, just like mummies).

    And, you know, you're acclimatized to Alaska. Seattle is too hot for you all.

  3. Hey, we Seattleites had a week of over 80 earlier this month. :D

  4. Yeah, we're a little toasty in Georgia too this week.

    Just so you know, when I heard the heat hazard warnings for the Southeast over the weekend, my first thought was, gee, I sure hope Jim's brainz don't fry the first day he's on the Gulf Coast!!


  5. Wendy -- how would we know?


    Dr. Phil


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