Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Volcano, again

Big damn eruption at Mount Redoubt this morning.

Complete with lahars, boiling hot mud avalanches, from Drift Glacier and a big freakin' ash cloud clearly visible in Homer.

Right now there's a "vigorous" ash plume emitting from the crater and seismic activity is high.

The ash is expected to pass directly over Anchorage, but not expected to fall in the city.

Ain't this fun?
2/26/09 1800 Update:

First really clear shot from the AVO Hut Webcam. Note the steam plume and the fresh lahars running down through Drift Glacier in the foreground. No new explosions since this morning, though seismic activity is still occurring.

3/27/09 1000 update:

Morning eruptions are becoming a regular event.

Another big eruption this morning. Significant ash plume which is drifting north. It's possible we'll see some of it. The NOAA is predicting possible light ashfall over the Anchorage bowl and the MatSu valley. Nothing here so far though.

The AVO webcams are frosted over, or covered with dirt at the moment. No good pictures of the eruption. Sorry.


  1. Can we toss in some of the previously mentioned VA administration as appeasement?


    c'mon, I said please!

    Hope you're outta the way down there, Jim.


  2. And how's that tank farm at the bottom holding up?

  3. Karl, the volcano wants the loveliest virgins, not a bunch of used-up, retarded whores. But I vote we throw them in anyway just on principle. I'm sure the volcano will forgive us.

  4. Can't we thrown them into the Sarlac pit instead?

  5. Eric, the myth about volcanoes and dragons wanting virgins was a myth propagated those who would otherwise be at the head of the list when coming up with people to sacrifice.

  6. Oh, it's true dragons value "experience." Something about subtle flavors from repeated marinade rubs or something. Ever since some dragon read a cooking magazine in the Third Century BCE, the whole species has been picky. But a volcano wants what it wants, and it wants virgins. I'm not saying it makes any sense, some things are just the way they are.

  7. Nathan, everything is intact, so far as I know. Some significant ashfall in the tank farm/Oil terminal though, that will have to be cleaned up. And some in the native villages (which are evacuated at the moment - due to the WARNING SYSTEM, good thing we had that. Just sayin').

    Karl, Eric - agreed. Let's pitch a few bureaucrats into the pit, Jindal too, just as an example to the rest. If that doesn't work, we'll throw in the rest.

  8. Very pretty picture.

    Glad you're not smothered in ash.

  9. You can have Michelle Bachman from my state for volcano tossing.

  10. Hey, I can send you a whole bunch of whatevers from Georgia!! We'll can even start with teh Gov... ;D
    I think Michelle is right, we really need the Pit of Sarlac to really do them justice...something about the slower, more torturous death.

    Let us know if you need hardhats and face filters replaced, we'll get a shipment up to you!


  11. Awesome - if it doesn't bury you under five feet of burning ash.

  12. Actually, at the moment, Mother Nature is being a bitch...

    from weather.com: Dangerous weather into the weekend -
    The Plains will see record flooding in the north, and blizzard in the south; severe storms will impact the Deep South. And they don't even mention Jim's friend Mt. Redoubt of Janiece's Colorado snows!

    As for Atlanta - between this morning and whenever the deluge stops tomorrow night, we're expecting 4-6-8" of rain & flooding (thank goodness I live on the second floor), accompanied by severe thunderstorms, high winds and possible tornadic ativities, especially tomorrow.

    Awesome my ass...

  13. Jim-if you could fix that last post, it should say:
    Mt. Redoubt or Janiece's

    Thanks! I'm at work and trying to sneak in quick and it was too quick!

  14. "Awesome - if it doesn't bury you under five feet of burning ash."

    I dunno. I think it works well enough for the original definition of the word awesome.

  15. I don't know about volcanoes, but I do know that dragons like pizza.

    Not sure about virgins, either for dragons or for volcanoes.

  16. The mountain is calling out for the blood of Bobby Jindal. It'll stop erupting once he commits harakiri by jumping into the caldera.

    I wonder if his genitals hurt, because man it's gotta hurt to step on your dick like that.

  17. I dunno, Raven. Jindal gives me gas, I'm afraid of the side effects if we toss him into the caldera. Could just make it worse. ;)

  18. I guess we should stop suggesting that politicos be used as offerings to the volcano gods...
    Redoubt just doesn't seem to fond of the idea.

    Back to virgins it is!!


  19. Virgins?

    Well, that sorta means Republicans, doesn't it? I mean, they're big on the whole abstinence thing, right?

    Hmmm, maybe this isn't such a bad idea after all.

  20. Jim, you're forgetting, Republicans want abstinence for everyone else. Just like they're all about the evils of homosexuality while boinking in the men's room.

    If you're looking for virgins, y'ain't gonna find them there.

    Unless of course you believe the christian teens line that anal sex doesn't "count" and allows the girl to remain a "virgin."


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