Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Please Stand By

About today's post: It'll be delayed.

I'm swamped this morning, er, afternoon damn it all to hell. I've got a bunch of things going on at the moment, and now I've got to run into to town.

Rather than sacrifice quality for your immediate bloggy satisfaction, I'll hold off posting until later. You'll survive - and like sex, Stonekettle Station is best when you have to wait for it ... on second thought maybe that's saurkraut. Whatever. Suck it up, I'll be back in a bit.


  1. Does this mean we can jump on the metaphorical sofa while you're gone?

  2. and swill his metaphorical scotch

  3. Metaphorical couches and biker gangs, as I'm sure you all know, are for Mensans. Are you a member of Mensa? I don't think so.

    Keep your metaphorical grubby feet off my metaphorical sofa.

    The beer, however, is real. You may help yourselves. Because I like you, well, most of you anyway. There's a certain group in upstate New York I'm not particularly fond of - and you know who you are, Eggheads. Yes, I see you lurking about, like big brained cockroaches, metaphorically speaking.

    (for those of you wondering WTF I'm having on about here - suffice it to say that certain members of Mensa and I are no longer on speaking terms. They think I'm stupid, I think they're deluded cranks at best and arrogant assholes at worst, hardly the basis for a good long term relationship)

  4. Tania's in Mensa. Can she jump on your metaphorical sofa?

    I'll skip the icky beer and search around for chocolate!

  5. I'll take chocolate instead of beer, please. And I am absolutely going to sit on the sofa. If I am schlepping up to AK, I will definitely need to take a load off...

  6. Screw the scotch and beer, I'm gonna go play with the power tools in his woodshop. And scritch ShopCat.

  7. How is ShopKat's bulging little belly lately?

  8. Just tell me the chocolate is real!
    (as she sits down on what she *thought* was a sofa)

  9. Actually you only think you are sitting down...

    Chocolate and Irish Whiskey are never metaphors. Ever. At least not around here. Also I once had chocolate beer. It was revolting - and in this case "revolting" is a metaphor for "sucks."

    ShopKat's bulging belly is still bulging - though, as I've mentioned, we are now faced with the rather obvious fact that I've been over feeding her and that she's either not pregnant or she is of a breed with a heretofore unknown and lengthy gestation period.

  10. Okay, so we know from the Alien movies that a gestating xenomorph takes on characteristics of its host creature. Xenomorphs that gestate in people are bipedal, the one that gestated in the dog in Alien3 was a quadruped, the "predalien" in AVPR is an obvious hybrid....

    So, the obvious question is: when the alien bursts out of ShopKat, what do you think it will look like? I'm thinking "cute, but for the retractable jaw with too many teeth." Any thoughts?

  11. "Chocolate and Irish Whiskey are never metaphors. Ever."

    I think you have just passed Eric on my crush list!


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