Monday, March 30, 2009

The Daily Volcano

As you can clearly see in the picture we were nearly buried in volcanic ash last night.


I know, I know, it looks like snow. Several inches of snow that I really would rather not have to go plow here in a moment.

But it’s really boiling hot lava ash. It’s like Pompeii here.


Send money, chocolate, and Scarlett Johansson.


You’re not buying any of this, are you?

Yeah, didn’t think so. This is, of course, my way of telling you that I’m busy and behind today. Posting will be delayed until later, because I’ve spent far too much time on other things this morning.

If I get a chance, later today I’ll do a review of the new wireless multifunction printer I installed in the network yesterday. Because seriously here folks, it rocks. You want one, you really really do.

Volcano wise, things are mostly quiet today. There was some ashfall in anchorage yesterday, the airport was shut down for a while. The mountain is still erupting and spewing a steam cloud at the moment. Pretty much business as usual.

How’s your Monday going?


3/30/09 1600 update:

Seismic activity has tapered off. Redoubt is still emitting a steam plume.

Latest AVO Webcam picture looks like this:


  1. As a Linux user, I'd settle for CUPS recognizing that my Canon printer exists.

    (That said, I haven't tried using it since the new computer came and I installed 8.10, so, you know, it's possible I have an upgraded driver I don't know about. But that's less funny than whining.)

    Meanwhile, glad you're still not-buried. Tho' if you are, maybe Pink Floyd will come film a concert on top of your house someday. That would be kind of cool. Aside from the part where you're buried under thick layers of volcanic ash, that is.

  2. Not that I'm uncaring, but it's actually good news (for me) that Pompeii is breaking out all over at your house. That means I can take my time and visit whenever the hell I get around to it.

    You'll be perfectly preserved there standing at the lathe for a few thousand years.

    It's Win/Win all over. (No, I don't know what part of the win is yours, but what do you care...you're insta-fossil.

  3. Well Nathan, I think the Pompeii people were actually voids within the volcanic ash. So technically, Jim wouldn't be there waiting for you. He would just be a hole in the ash.

  4. I'm not gonna say it.........

  5. He would just be a hole in the ash.

    Which would make Jim...

    ::drum role, please::

    ...an ash hole!!!

    Thank you, thank you, I'm here all week.

  6. IBM is proud that they've broken the petaflops barrier on a single machine.

    They've got nothing on the brain cell churning that goes on around here. (grin)

    Dr. Phil

  7. This afternoon it was more like sawdust churning.

    Or wood shaving churning. After dinner if I still have any energy left and I manage to download the pictures, I'll show you all what a well tuned set of hand planes (A Bailey No. 9 and No. 7. and No. 2) can with wet birch. At the moment though, I can barely lift my arms.

  8. Also, just so you all know, I've been to Pompeii and Herculaneum, I've seen the plaster casts of those poor bastards (and that poor bastard dog).

    If I end up like that I'm not wasting it like those slackers, I'm going to be making an obscene gesture of some kind - take that eternity! Just to fuck with museum goers in the future.

  9. I'm going to be making an obscene gesture of some kind - take that eternity! Just to fuck with museum goers in the future.

    "Mommy, what was that man pointing at?"

    "Well sweetie, best we can determine, they had a special 'language' for people who could not hear, called sign language. Archeologists think this man was trying to signal to his loved ones that he loved them."

    "That's really sad Mommy."

    "Yes sweetie. I know. That's why we have special systems called 'Jindals' now."

    "What does a Jindal do Mommy?"

    "Well sweetie, when scientists determine that a volcano is about to erupt, they go to the top of the volcano and throw in the most ignorant politicians they can find."

    "How does that help Mommy"

    "It doesn't really, but it makes everyone who has to evacuate feel better."

  10. Ahem. Please visit this site for a picture of Jim as he will look 2000 years from now.

    Nathan, Vince, and Michelle -- LMAO...

  11. Actually, sweetie, he's telling his family they're #1.

    Isn't that nice??



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