Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back To The House That Love Built

Yes, I did watch Desperado last night.

In hi-def, with the surround sound turned up.

No, smartass, not just because the movie has Selma Hayek in it.

Every time I watch this flick I can't help but be astounded at how utterly brilliant the soundtrack is.

Here's Tito & Tarantula doing Back to the house that love built:

If you've watched the movie (and really, how could you not have?) you know that Tito Larriva played Tavo, Cheech Marin's partner in crime - and like Marin, meets a violent end at the hands and guns of El Mariachi.

I'm not a big Robert Rodriguez fan, but I love this bloody and violent movie.

And yeah, OK, maybe just a little of that is because of Selma Hayek.
And yes, Eric, Tito & Tarantula is the band in From Dusk Till Dawn, who perform while Selma Hayek strips - then they all turn to vampires and eat the patrons.


  1. Sometimes, Jim, you're just right and there's nothing to add.

    I keep popping back here looking for final thoughts on BSG. Did you give up on it somewhere along the way, or are you still deciding?

  2. Patience, Vettriano222, patience.

    I do a "Things that chap my ass (TTCMA)" feature each week, believe me, there will be a TTCMA About BSG real soon now.

  3. Jim, please please please but the BSG stuff behind a cut.



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