Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today's Best Lyric

You lie down with dogs
You get up with fleas


  1. Shit. Why can't I remember what that's from?

    (runs off to check the internet)

  2. Not at all what I thought it was.

    My brain was thinking Aerosmith not whatever it was that the Internet said it was.

  3. I mean, that was like, old people music or something!

  4. You're starting to harsh my mellow, Michelle.

  5. Well, hell, even I had to look that up, and it's a band that was more than a moon-laser to me; I have a couple of their albums on vinyl somewhere. Not to mention several copies of the two albums the main guy engineered for the Floyd '70-'73.

    Obviously, it's an old saying, of course.

  6. I think I have all but their very last album on vinyl. And I have all of their albums in digital.

    And all of the Floyd, of course.


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