Sunday, January 4, 2009

Why, Yes I am...

...just sitting around, surfing Internet quiz sites this morning. Thanks for asking.


  1. I'm shocked but not displeased to be Nightcrawler. (I started hoping for Doctor Strange midway through the quiz, but hey, I'll take it.)


  2. Mystique! Niiice.

    Oh. Crap.

    Eric, you're my son! Which makes my claiming you as my internet boyfriend WRONG WRONG WRONG.


  3. My stoopid is positively gushing out of my pores. I click the link to take this test and all I find is a bunch of naked chicks.

    Where's the test?

  4. Dammit, now I wish I'd gotten Nathan's link instead!

  5. Um, what?

    Naked chicks?

    I'm pretty sure I didn't link to that test. WTF?

    Now I want naked chicks too.

  6. ahhhh, I see.

    Nathan clicked on my score card, and that links back to Zipperfish, which does indeed have naked chick videos on it's page. If I'd have known that, I wouldn't have put the score card up.

    Click on the play button to take the actual superhero quiz.

    And I'll edit the score card code to remove the porn link. This kind of chaps my ass here, there was no indication of porn when I did the quiz. I don't give a crap if people look at porn, but I didn't intend to link to it from my site and I would have appreciated a little notification. Stealth porn, really not cool.

    My fault, of course, should have checked more carefully.

  7. The flash didn't work on my Firefox. :( I guess I'm the one with no superpowers, eh?

  8. Well, you're not the Flash, anyway...

  9. The Flash is DC, duh. What kind of geeks are you people, anyway?

    Also, it's all stealth porn. Just saying.


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