Friday, January 16, 2009

Groggy Jim is Groggy

I'm awake this morning, very briefly, to take my son to school.

Then I'll be going back to bed.

Please don't bother me, I'm very tired.

I spent my night field dressing a very large Alaskan bull moose in the pitch dark and dragging a sled with several hundred pounds of meat too damned many miles on snowshoes and ice crampons. The weather, it sucked big sucking shit - howling wind and rain and sleet in thigh deep snow. And just for the record, most of the haul-out was uphill. Then I got to drive home a hundred miles in the same crap.

It's what we Alaskans refer to as "Thursday."

Anyway, I got home and into bed around 3:00AM, which at this point was about three hours ago. I'm very tired and very sore and I'm going back to bed for a while as soon as I drop my son off at school.

Then I've got to get up and take my leaky cat to the vet. Yay.

See you later, Internet people.

Note: While we did run into several other hunters on the haul trail, none of them were Sarah Palin.


  1. See, a post like that makes it very difficult for me to NOT call you on the phone. With a Russian accent. Pretending I can see you from my porch. :)

  2. The person who wakes me up, Shawn, will get Leaky Cat as a thank you gift.

    Remember Leaky Cat is really Stupid Evil Cat with a badder infection.

    Please, for your sake and the sake of your children, leave me be.

  3. Gee, our moose season was over several months ago. And we can't hunt after dark. For deer hunting, I've been known to buy a license so someone else can do the hunting and dragging and all that other crap so I don't have to. This is called "smart hunting."

    As for phones, doesn't yours have an off switch or silence button or something like that? When I nap (and I like naps) I turn off my cell phone and place my land line on "Do Not Disturb". Seriously. That's what the "don't ring" function is called on my phone system.

  4. I've been known to unplug the little ringing beastie to keep people from bugging me.

    Too bad it's only moose season and not still Palin season.

    But ya bagged a moose! Happy eating. I've had venison and bison over the years, but not ever moose.

    Have a nice nap...

  5. Vince,

    May I remind you that Jim has an elementary aged child.

    I don't think turning the ringer off is acceptable, if he wants his wife to ever allow him to attempt the act of procreation ever again.

    Nap well Jim. And I'd say enjoy the moose, but, um... well. Enjoy the moose.

  6. Elementary aged? Pshaw, that boy's pert near old enough to work on the North Slope and pay the Leaky Cat bill. :)

  7. Couldn't Leaky Cat just find it's own way to the vet? And then it could just follow the trail it left behind back home. Problem solved! Go ahead and sleep the day away.

  8. But if it's still raining the trail would get washed away, Leaky Cat would get lost on the way home and Jim would have to both pay the vet bill AND go find the cat in the rain.

  9. Vince, I suspect the moose was slain in the day, but dressing a moose takes hours and hours and hours. Moose season always seems to involve butchering those buggers while it's dark out.

    I've held lights, moved tarps, handed over knives, prepped the chain saw with corn oil lube, and all kinds of other chores. I getting John ready to go out on a hunt this weekend - I've loaded his GPS, printed out his maps, and got him a stack of gear ready to go.

    Go sleep Jim. I'll call the other Jim Wright in your area and harass him.

  10. In Michigan's U.P. our moose died, so we imported some smaller stock from Canada which hopefully won't get sick from the deer. Either way, it's illegal to shoot a moose. Problem solved.

    Dr. Phil

  11. You're in the UP? I could probably hit you with a well-aimed rock from here. :)

  12. Hrm, waitaminute... yesterday he left to risk life and limb taking Leaky Cat to the vet on frictionless roads ... and today he comes back with a bull moose. Alaskans sure do things differently! o.O

  13. He probably hit one with his car on the way home from the vet and dressed it in a roadside ditch while leaky cat was piddling all over his car.


    And I'd bet Ms. Palin has little people to do her hunting (and field dressing) for her now.

  14. Not really. I feel like Zombie Jim now.

    Holy crap am I sore. Pulling that sled out was no fun. Going to go soak in the Jacuzzi for a while.

  15. Used to be in the U.P., January 1984 plus 7-1/2 years. Since then, down in West Michigan. We don't have moose down here. (grin)

    Dr. Phil


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