Sunday, January 4, 2009

I knew that

Well, see, there it's official.

Now truthfully, I don't know my Tupac from my Biggie but I guessed and got it right anyway - and being able to guess correctly is a mark of superior Mensa like intelligence, right?

According to this highly scientific test, I'm approximately 64% smarter than the average - or - roughly 200,000,000% smarter than the standard issue LHC conspiracy theorist.

The test is here.


  1. Well, I think the operative term is that you have merely Mensa like intelligence...not the real live tested kind. Clearly, sir, you are inferior.

  2. And boy am I stoopid. Only 22 right for a score of 20.9% smarter than most.

  3. Humph. I only got 26.

    And why the hell is a rap song on an IQ test?

  4. Also, I lack reading comprehension. Humph.

  5. Clearly, sir, you are inferior.

    Yeah, but at least I know how to install a stupid stove by myself. Nyah, nyah.

  6. He has you there Nathan.

    And it's a knowledge test, not an intelligence test. The fact that I figured that out makes me the smartest of all.

  7. I scored a 23...and what does Rap music got to do with being smart?

  8. You get points if you don't know about rap music ;)

  9. 26.
    I almost rock.

  10. 29.

    Which would be great, *if* it was the rap question I missed ;-)

  11. Large Hadron Collider: big science device for making homegrown non-rotating, stationary, non-evaporating, microscopic black holes that will someday destroy the Earth because scientists are evil and they want to kill everybody including themselves just to prove they can and I am apparently a member of said conspiracy to destroy the Earth by suppressing THE TRUTH through my efforts on behalf of the Uniformed (or otherwise) Counter-Intelligence Force (UCF).

    Details here.


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