Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Earthquake


Preferred Hypocentral Solution:

Local Date:
Saturday January 24th, 2009

Local Time:
09:09 AM AKST

Universal Time:
01/24/2009 18:09:50.716 UTC

5.73 ML



62 miles (100 km)


This earthquake was:

22 miles (35 km) E of Augustine Volcano

48 miles (77 km) WSW of Homer

98 miles (156 km) SW of Soldotna

112 miles (180 km) N of Kodiak

162 miles (259 km) SW of Anchorage

253 miles (405 km) WSW of Valdez

413 miles (661 km) SSW of Fairbanks

663 miles (1061 km) WNW of Juneau


The windows and the plates rattled, but it only felt like a 3.5 here in Palmer.  We’re fine. No reports of significant damage or injures. Just another day in Alaska.

Thanks for asking.


  1. I was just about to ask. Glad you and the family (and all your stuff) are okay. Was Stupid Cat affected?

  2. You know, I looked at the moment tensor solution beach ball diagram, that was a pretty complex movement for fault, how intersting... at least if your a geologist.

    PS it also released as much energy as a 6.7 kT nuke.

  3. Dude, you know you just live up there for the free MagicFingers™.

  4. There was an earthquake? Does this mean Alaska is going to fall in the ocean? I hope not. If it does Putin won't be able to easily hang out with Shop Kat anymore.

  5. I wish you'd quit bragging about your sexual prowess. It's not really very kind.

  6. Did the Earth move for you too, Baby?

  7. It seems to be earthquake time. We've had a few small ones in California recently.

    Glad to know you're okay, Jim!

  8. I'm tired of the earthquake. I want a new post...

  9. Well, see, I got a note from your boss - he asked if I could stop blogging for a couple of days because your work was piling up....apparently people are reading my stuff and not working, which would sort of mean that I'm the reason that the economy is not recovering.

    So, you know, in the interest of the national good, I took a day off.

    (let me know if you're buying any of this)

  10. (let me know if you're buying any of this)

    Um. No. But thanks for the new post. I'll read it right now...


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