Friday, January 23, 2009

The Stupid, It Burns

This is quite possibly the most bizarre interview I've read in a long, long time.

Then again, considering the participants, why am I surprised?


  1. As I noted in my post today (with much help from Jon Stewart), Fox News - the stupidity, it burns.

  2. Why in the hell can't some people speak in coherent sentences? Jeezupeetz people!

  3. Wow, my brain hurts now. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Rush might be back on the percocet again?

  4. I really wish I could find the quote, but I was listening to some moron (R-Congress-Duh), spouting off about how we'll be in danger if/when those terrorists get released from Gitmo. She said something about "City and County jails not being designed for such dangerous people".

    Uh...don't we have a few "Super-Max" Federal facilities that would take jurisdiction?

  5. Because the criminals in American prison aren't actually dangerous, apparently. Like the folks held in Leavenworth, which is where we wanted to send the Gitmo Detainees until Senator Sam Brownback started squealing and carrying on with his NIMBY bullshit. Because apparently again, while Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary can hold rapists, murders, and military criminals, it can't hold a couple of shithead sheepherders. Or maybe he's afraid they'll be found innocent, released, and decide to settle in his state... where they'll no doubt vote democrat.

    It also apparently escapes these people that thousands of EPW's were held in POW camps here in the US, in each state, during WWII - but then we don't actually teach history any more, except where it involves Jesus feeding the Dinosaurs.

    What these people are really afraid is that the Detainees will actually get a fair trial where the warhawks will actually have to prove their accusations in court.

    I love that Limbaugh first praises Reagan and then less than two minutes later condemns him and those who admire him. Seriously, I can't understand who listens to this pompous ass.

  6. I need some bleach to disinfect my eyeballs please...

    Lawyers speaking legaleze make more sense than that. I should know, I'm working for one!

    ooh, I spy a fire extinguisher, maybe that will help...


  7. "ooh, I spy a fire extinguisher, maybe that will help..."

    If you're done with that, Wendy, can I have a go?

  8. I haven't googled it - but has that man reproduced? Because those are genes that really need to NOT propagate into the pool.


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