Monday, January 5, 2009


Just a short note this morning.

I may or may not get around to an actual post today. My internet connection is spotty at the moment. I've twice tried to upload a post from my off-line editor and had the connection fail. Right now I've got about half the bandwidth I usually do, when I've got any bandwidth at all. I'm typing this from blogger's raw editor window instead of trying to use an offline editor. Yuck.

It's probably the weather. It's been in the -20's all last week, today it's about 10F or so, but the wind here in the gap is howling like a hurricane. It's supposed to die down this afternoon and hopefully my connection will stabilize then. We'll see.

This is a good thing actually. The kid is back in school and I need to get some serious writing done this week. Need to finish at least two chapters, if not more.

So, until at least this afternoon, I'll be nose to keyboard. Try to have a good day.


  1. Jim, you should know that Walter the Wanger is baiting you at Giant Midgets. Personally I'd like it if you didn't answer him. Because, ya know, we really don't care what Walter thinks. We just care what people who may listen to him think.

    So relax. Don't go running off to defend your honor, because your honor doesn't need defending from the likes of him.

    I hope you see this before you see his comment. :)

  2. Actually, Tom, I've already replied to Wagner on Giant Midgets.

    Under the original post where he decided to attack me.

    The interesting thing about Wagner's comment regarding my military service is that it doesn't address Eric's post. Nor does it address the basic gist of my post. What it is instead is a rather obvious and childish attempt to divert attention away from Wagner himself. It's also any crackpot's standard MO. Tankersley uses the technique all the time. So do Holocaust deniers and moon landing deniers and that face on Mars crackpot Hoagland.

    I should thank Wagner actually, for confirming everything I've written about him - including his predictable use of this diversionary tactic.

  3. Look! Have some chocolate! Pet Shop Kat! Have some whiskey! Have a toaster!

  4. Oh good, Michelle's here. Hope you brought your jacket, I need you to take this ladder here, and go up on the pole out by the road and wiggle the cable. Because my connection sucks today. Keep wiggling, I'll tell you when it's good (shutup, nobody better touch that line).

  5. Also, please don't give ShopKat whiskey, she gets all shitty and starts talking smack.

  6. Jim, think carefully.

    Do you *really* want me going up a ladder? Because you're responsible for taking me to the emergency room. And as entertaining as I may be in emergency rooms, that's really not a happy way to spend the day.

  7. It's Alaska, Michelle. I wouldn't take you to the Emergency Room. I'd just wait for you to freeze, then run your body through the wood chipper with the output aimed over the fence into the dog kennel.

    Oh come on, you can't tell me you all weren't thinking the exact same thing.

  8. I don't hurt myself to the point of immobility. I instead tend towards bleeding head wounds, and that would make a mess of your shop.

    Because you know Shop Cat would let me in.

  9. Yeah, she probably would. Damn cat.

  10. Jim, I originally saw the comment under the original post. Just not your reply. Then I saw what Eric had done with it. I loved that post! I haven't been back yet to see if Walter took him up on it. So I have to go back to see both of those.

    In case you don't know, I hold you in very high regard. I'm very pleased to be associated in some small way with you and all the rest of the UCFers. On a migrane day, Walter isn't something we should have to put up with. I have no doubts you can handle the Wanger, but he can cause an increase in blood preasure. Just the opposite of Michelle, for instance, who can calm us down with a simple toaster, :)

  11. Oh, I also wanted to say that it's common for people like Walter to accuse others of the very thing they are so often guilty of. I thought that was quite telling.

  12. It's common in normal people too, actually. What other people accuse you of tends to say more about them than about you. ;)


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