Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama’s First Day

Frankly, it’s looking good to me.


 Click for high resolution image


The first sunrise of the new administration was pretty spectacular this morning. I sat in the sunroom for half an hour drinking my coffee and watching it. 

Yes, that’s right, I’m crediting this beautiful sunrise to the new President, and while I’m at it I’ll credit the crappy weather we were having last week to the outgoing president. It’s petty, sure, but it’s my sunrise, I can do what I want with it.

How’s your day starting out?


  1. Very nice.

    I have to spend my day talking at/to/with HS students.


  2. That's gorgeous Jim.

    I'm spending my day frantically trying to get stuff together before I'm absent for two weeks. (As a bonus, my boss and my boss's boss are out sick, so I'm making command decisions about my leave and being In Charge.)

    So, not too bad all things considered.

  3. Awesome photo, Jim~

    Bright and clear up here :)
    Lookin' good, lookin' good...

    Here's hoping that your 'red sky at morning' is just a breeze this afternoon.

  4. Beautiful.

    Unfortunately, it's been insane.

  5. Sadly, Jim, you're probably seeing Russians from your house (sort of).

    You think cleaning a moose is hard, wait 'til you start handling giant ants. I recommend keeping a strong base handy to neutralize the formic acid.


  6. Ha! Eric, actually the first thing I thought of when I saw the colors was Journey to the Bottom of the Sea.

    The Van Allen Radiation Belts! They're on fire!

  7. What time is your sunrise? And how long until sunset?

    Cassie, who like the pics very much

  8. OOOH goodie! Another cool new photo to use as wallpaper here at the office so people will wonder where and what it is.

    ...It's a beautiful daaaaayyy!

    Here in Atlanta, it's friggin' cold...AGAIN...single digit wind-chills...don't mind the cold so much, but if it's going to be this cold for this long, there needs to be some flakage to go with...

    Praying for snow.


  9. Cassie, sunrise here this morning was about 9:45 or so. This picture was taken about 10:00.

    The picture is out my sunroom window, looking west southwest down into the MatSu Valley and the Knik Arm of Cook Inlet. The mountain is Pioneer Peak, part of the Chugach Range. If you click on the picture, it will take you to my public Picassa album, there is a Google Map attached showing the exact location.

    Sunset is around 4:30PM today. The days are getting longer. Yay! come on summer.

  10. Oooh. Pretty. My day started nicely. I have a new boss, 7 times removed. Nice, eh?

  11. Great picture, Jim. But what I want to know is what it looked like 8 ears ago, and whether we can correlate any prognosis out of that...


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