Friday, October 24, 2008

Dear Alaskan Independance Party...

...stop it. You're embarrassing us.

If you haven't been by Smug Puppies today, you're missing out on some major asshattery. Go there right now and watch the video of AIP candidate Daniel DeNardo.

As a little teaser, he says "70% of Alaska is under joint US/Soviet control." That's right, joint US and Soviet control. Soviet. He's running on an anti-communist platform.

Alaskan politics, it should come with seat-belts and tranquilizer dart gun.
A speaking of dart guns, I've got to go to Parent/Teacher conferences and find out what my son has been up to. Back in a couple of hours.


  1. There was a period of time I had thought the AIP to be cool. I met several of the Fairbanks chapter members and leaders and thought, hmmm...not bad fellows. My Grandfather, Joe Balch, was an early member and a friend of Joe Vogler in the 50's and 60's.

    Grandpa was a very smart guy. Inventor, scientist, farmer, small town leader. You can read about him on the web in some old news articles.

    Then I met the rest of the AIP gang, or at least a larger portion of folks attracted to the group. They are fairly libertarian in their beliefs therefore they allow pretty much everyone in there, which means that there are a lot of rather odd individuals.

    No wonder Granpda broke off his relationship with most of those folks in the 70's.

    Since the group is into totally unfettered free speech people will say the most interesting things, most of those things of course sound utterly foolish...aka crazy, weird, and even stupid. If they had a few good brains who could rise to the top, maybe they'd get somewhere, sadly the muck that has the loudest voices will pretty much drown out any voice of reason in their midst.

    But then, the guys like my Grandfather all left and became Republicans.

    So much for the Republic of Alaska.

    Oh well, I like Wal-Mart and McDonalds anyhow...Go USA!

    Semper Fi

  2. So, uh, before I get headphones to watch the video, is the dart-gun for the students, the parents, or the teachers?

  3. Hee! I posted his election pamphlet stuff over on Jeri's blog.

    We have nutbars up here in Fairbanks, but this guy takes it to a whole new level.

    Joe Vogler could be a charming and entertaining old cuss. I miss being entertained by his diatribes against the oddest things, like quaking aspens. Heh.

  4. Dude, I think the State Department has computers and therefore don't have to make maps with crayons anymore.

    "The last I heard Canada was one of our allies." Ha! Snap! (although it's fairly easy when you're up against someone who is as bat-shit crazy as this guy).

    And you can see on the moderator's face the "Oh, shit, how do I salvage this?" As well as he keeps edging away from DeNardo, and doesn't look him directly in the eye.

    "All you have to do is take a cursory view of history..." I think that explains it all. And he shows a $2 bill, hmm, I think the quote about being "queer than..." comes to mind.

  5. Jim, thanks for the link. I knew it would be interesting when I saw the string tie. ;)

    Steve, computers can be networked and therefore a communist technology. A true Alaskan would not indulge.

    Basil, odd doesn't even begin to cover it. Alaska doesn't necessarily have to be American to have Wal-mart, McDs and Starbucks - Mexico and Canada have similar suburban strip malls & big box stores.

    It would be really interesting to hear what a clinical psychologist could make of that platform statement - the fragmented thinking, random spelling, and odd religious delusions.

  6. I'm not a Libertarian, so perhaps that's part of the reason why the AIP never really held any appeal for me.

  7. Scott - many of us distinguish between small-l libertarian (pro privacy and civil liberties) and full on Libertarian party hack, standing for the party platform in all its freeze-dried whack-a-loon glory.

    Bob Barr has some strange economic ideas in his position statement - and he's their presidential candidate. He seems positively Beaver-Cleaver-normal by DeNardo standards.

  8. The man got 210 votes. That's pretty darn scary in and of itself.

  9. Well that would explain who's been buying all those guns down at Sportsman's Warehouse. :)


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