Monday, October 6, 2008

Graphing My Politics

Smaller Government Centrist on political map

Your views call roughly the same amount of government with just a bit more liberty than we currently have in the United States today. Your views are probably best served by a nearly equal mix of Democrats and Republicans in the legislatures, as long as you choose the correct Democrats and Republicans.

Or, if you want to make sure government shrinks a bit, you could throw a few Libertarians into the mix. But just a few. The Libertarian Party calls for radical cuts in government far beyond what you want. Think of a tub of cold bathwater. To get it warm enough to be comfortable, you can add scalding hot water to bring the temperature up to ideal.

Approximately 10% of the takers of this quiz scored in this area.

Hmmmm, I'd say this is a reasonably accurate graph of my political center.

But, I don't know that I particularly agree with this political compass representation, I think it's too simplistic. I think the Pournelle chart is more accurate in identifying political ideologies, but I couldn't find an online test that plotted my ideology on a Pournelle Chart.

Problem is, neither of the current Presidential front runners fall anywhere close to what I'd like to see in a president.


  1. Eh, just Vote Tux. For me, there's no "good vote" this time, and with Tux, at least he'll visit your state. He likes the weather. ;)

  2. This is almost exactly where I map. And I agree that neither of the two candidates is anywhere close to what I want.

  3. I'm right there with you, too. It fits with my "neither party is quite right" leanings.

  4. A lurker coming in by way of Whatever, I scored as a "left leaning freedom lover" A bit farther out on both the liberal and libertarian scales. I agree that the test and chart are a bit in the "blunt instrument" category.

    **sigh** But there are no more precise tests that i know of.

  5. We are all borg'd by Jim or something. I scored the basically the same as Jim, Tom and John. Liked your Sarah Palin post -- thanks for the closer-to-home perspective.

  6. Not that your post has changed my mind, but I like hearing the thoughts of someone who isn't frothing at the mouth one way or the other. (Should I have put this comment in the Sarah Palin post? Does it count as a hijack, if I am referencing another one of your posts? Do I need to stop asking questions and go to bed?)


  7. The test is truly wonked.

    As much as I like Libertarian ideas, I believe we desperately need MORE regulation of businesses and industries. And the puts me smack in the liberal category in every other political test I've ever taken. (I've taken several others that had more questions and matched my beliefs far more.)

    So I'd say this quiz is high on the bogosity factor.

  8. I agree with Michelle, I think the quiz is a little flawed. I'm nowhere near as liberal as Michelle, but I scored about the same as you, Jim, just a bit further away from the center (into the pink more). Sure, there are things that make our group cohesive, but I don't think it's politics.


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