Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First Snow (updated)

Oh goody. It's snowing.

This is a shot out my sunroom window, looking down into the valley. Well, if you could actually see further than the edge of the tree line, you'd be looking down across the valley. That's snow and ice fog.


It's not much, yet. But it's relentless.

Actually, sarcasm aside, it's beautiful. I love winter in Alaska, I do. I love the peace and quiet and the white snow on the mountains. This morning it's as if the world is wrapped in cotton, the sounds are muffled and it's just incredibly peaceful.

Just thought you all should know.
update: the flakes are now as big as a quarter and falling so thickly that I can hardly see the trees at all.


  1. I'm so jealous! (For real)

    I'm in San Antonio and temperatures are supposed to be in the upper 80s today. Plus humidity.

    I don't like hot weather.

  2. I'm jealuous too, Michelle, I love winter.

    And I envy you your view, Jim.

  3. Jim, you take lovely pictures. And despite the unforgiving nature of your chosen state (or perhaps because of it) you have a beautiful place to call home. As much as I love Michigan (the weather, the seasons, etc), sometimes I'm a wee bit jealous of other views people get to live with.

  4. It's 87 here in Singapore, and humid as a locker room shower.

    I love it. :D

  5. I want snow! I love snow!

    Snow might be the one thing that would ever bring me to Alaska in a non-tourist capability.



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