Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And We're Back

As you may I have noticed Stonekettle Station has been off-line, mostly, since Friday.

It was a combination of things this time.

Server problems in Wasilla. A failed local distribution amplifier on the pole that feeds my internet drop. A bad cable splitter in my basement, and an outdated Toshiba cable modem.

All of which are now fixed or replaced, and I'm back up at about a MPS faster than prior to the repairs. So, woohoo, so on and so forth.

If you've sent me email in the last few days, and really, who hasn't? (I'm sitting here watching both my public and private email queues fill up) I'm behind, and it'll be a day or two before I get back to you, maybe longer depending on how motivated I feel.

So, anyway, what's been happening with you all? Feels like forever since I talked to you, Internet.


  1. I'm back at work after over a week away. That makes two vacations I've gone on this year, in less than two months even!

    Pretty good, considering that for the first six years I worked here, our vacations consisted of long weekends to visit our friends in Cincinnati. I'm enjoyed the whole relaxing and doing nothing plan--especially since my grandmother stayed at my parent's an extra day, and I got to nap on the sofa on Sunday. Woo hoo!

    Plus--here's the big excitement--O got my FLU SHOT today!

    Let's hope it works better than last year.

  2. Hmm... well, the world as we know it imploded while you were out and ... okay not really. ;) But I did turn 35, so it feels like it should've done something exciting.

  3. You had a birthday MTW? I forgot! I'm so sorry! Happy belated birthday!

  4. The day's not over yet, so it's not belated yet. ;)

  5. Happy Birthday MWT!

    Here's a special birthday dance, just for you.

    (performs birthday dance)

    (bows deeply)

    (presents chocolate)

  6. Yay dance! :)

    And ooo... chocolate.

    *squirrels it away before anyone else sees*

  7. There's also a giant bowl of chocolate pudding in the fridge!

  8. Um, that's not pudding.

    I think it's liver pate or maybe really old leftover meatloaf. Either way, you know, Michelle, feel free to help yourself.

  9. Oh, and happy birthday, MWT, hope you had cake. Filthy lying cake.

    mmmmmmm, cake

  10. Ha! You can't fool me! I *brought* the chocolate pudding! So your attempts to keep me from eating if have FAILED!

    Of course now I want chocolate pudding in real life.

  11. Happy Birthday MWT!!!

    I'm running a public lecture series this month, John's back in town, and my performance review is tomorrow. Ugh.

  12. Happy belated Happy MWT.

    Oh, and Jim, we had the election. It's all over except the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments.


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