Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Difference a Week Makes

Last week, it looked like this out my sunroom window:

First Snow

Today, it looks like this:

Snow 1

Seriously, we've gotten about two inches of snowfall in the last hour, and it's coming down thick right now.

Winter, it's so here.

The kids are outside snowboarding in the front yard - yeah, there's that much snow.  No doubt I'll be making hot chocolate sooner or later.

Me? I'm not going out in it until I have to.  I have a shiny new copy of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (yes, we've seen it, and frankly I loved the damned thing, couldn't hardly wait for the DVD) and me and the wife are going to watch that in front of the fire. Speaking of which, it's probably a good thing I ordered a cord of firewood today, isn't it? And put the plows on the ATV's, and gassed up the big snow blower.

Ah, winter, no bugs and no godamned tourists.



  1. Now you're just taunting us.

    Temperatures were in the upper 70s here, which mean the gym was *hot*. Which made me feel even more lazy than normal, since I all but wilt in the heat.

  2. Well, hell--a roaring fire, a cuppa hot chocolate (esp. with Bailey's in it) and a window full of snow could even get me to watch Crystal Skull again--or at least to pretend to while I enjoyed the cocoa, the fire, and the snow.

    Down here in NC we had mid-80s and I drove home with the top down. I believe the phrase "Indian Summer" might be apt.

    Enjoy it. Pour an extra nip of your poison of choice into the hot chocolate for me, eh?

  3. I like how the two images exactly overlay on top of each other.

  4. It would take a lot more than spiked hot chocolate, a roaring fire, and window filled with snow to get me to watch that movie again. Sadly enough.


  5. Really?

    I liked it. It's a Saturday Morning matinee movie. Popcorn and Junior Mints.

    What didn't you people like about it? No Nazis? No Sullah? No temple of doom?

    It had Cate Blanchett for crying out loud, and Jan iTor from Scrubs. And a rocket sled. Area 51. Inter-dimensional Aliens. BIG damned explosions. Killer ants. Thrills. Chills. and Greasers on motorcycles. Whatdayawant already?

    Buncha snooty elitists, that's what you are.

  6. Still snowing up here too.

    Indy 4 was a fun film, but I don't know that I'd watch it again. As long as I accept it for being over the otp cheese, it's ok. But otherwise... meh.

  7. When critiquing a film try to look for what the director was trying to achieve and how he achievied it.

    I agree with Jim. It was fun, and had cheese, lots of cheese, over the top cheese, on nachos, with salsa and sour cream and jalapenos.

    Indiana Jones was cheese in all four, and that's why we love them.

  8. Wait, isn't it a school day. What are those kids doing goofing off?

    Tomorrow our weather turns, about damn time. Hunters have been grumbling about the warm weather (deer don't come out of deep woods in the day, and the carcass would rot while you were drying it out). The snow can stay away until after Halloween (don't want to take down decorations in the snow). But right after that, come on in.

    Although I shouldn't say that. Road salt this year is damn expensive ($66 a ton, and we got it cheaper than some places)

  9. Living in the U.P. of Michigan had some similarities to Alaska. My conclusion? The bugs were tourists.

    Dr. Phil

  10. Refrigerator. Too much CGI and too little fun. New characters I didn't care about (though to be fair, two of the old characters I cared about were played by actors who are sick [Connery] or dead [Elliott], and bringing back Karen Allen was something they should have done in the 2nd and 3rd movies). A premise that strayed a bit too far from the sensibilities of the first three films. Repeated attempts to surprise the audience with things that weren't surprises. A general overshadowing air of resignation--i.e. that Spielberg and Ford got tired of canning Lucas' worst ideas and tendencies and finally capitulated, with predictable results.

    But I'm only focusing on the negatives because you asked why I didn't like the film, Jim. Honestly, a roaring fire, snow out the window, booze and good company can make an Uwe Boll hack job tolerable, and Crystal Skull was vastly better than anything Boll's ever shat out.

  11. Photoshopped.

    You're just trying to push your right-wing "global warming is a myth" crap.

    We all know the polar bears melted, and the Alaskans play beach volleyball with the the Putin crew on weekends.

    You crazy, lying conservative you. :D


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