Friday, October 17, 2008


Folks, I'm busy this morning, phone calls, I and have to go run errands. As such no post until later.

I think I've got everybody's order straight at the moment and the proper pieces labeled and set aside. Come hell or high water I will have a post up later showing those pieces and who each one is reserved for. Additionally I will post pictures and details of the pieces I currently have for sale, including a couple of extra ordinary pieces that Beastly produced here in my shop, and a couple of collaborative pieces. But I simply can't get to it at the moment, I've been putting things off for a week now and I have to go out and take care of some business. I appreciate your patience and I'm loath to make excuses, but it is what it is.

Thanks, back in a bit.


  1. Let's trash the place while Jim's gone!

  2. Where's the chocolate? It's Friday! I DESERVE chocolate!

    (jumps on sofa)

  3. Excuses Excuses. Dude, You're doing this whole retirement thing wrong!

  4. I know you're around--I saw you poking Walter with a sharp stick.

    So where's my entertainment?

    (continues to bounce on the sofa)

  5. Your entertainment has be subsumed by my posts on Refugees and by this goddamned splitting migraine headache I've managed to develop this afternoon.

    I will post pictures soonest, but at the moment working the flash is just fucking killing me, so you get to wait, and I'm not in a humorous mood due to the aforementioned alligator in my head. If I post something it'll be pissy and massively unfunny and nobody needs that.

    The comments on Refugees I had queued up in advance.

  6. (pout)

    Well, I suppose I can accept that.

    Seriously though, hope you feel better right quick.

  7. Jim can poke with a sharp stick better than anybody.

    ...err...I think that came out wrong...

  8. Jim's head hurts. Jim wants to share the pain. Walter and jtankers are the lucky recipients of Jim's attention. They don't want to get poked with a sharp stick, they should just answer the damned question and I'll leave them alone.

  9. Hmmm...from a fellow migraine sufferer...

    yesterday must have been National Have A Migraine Day, gifted to us by those evil migraine gods for no other reason that they CAN.

    I can say that because I was sharing in your pain here in Atlanta! Lights are still too bright this morning, but chriping birds are not asking to be beaned with nearby stones...

    Hope you're feeling better today as well.

  10. Wendy, thanks for the thought. My sympathies to you as well.

    Pain is better this morning. Nausea gone. My vision is still a bit blurry, and my left eye feels like somebody is pushing on it from behind. All in all, much better than yesterday, yesterday was some of the worst pain I've had in a long time.

    Hopefully that'll hold me, migraine wise for a couple of months.

  11. I hope your migraine is better.

    And sorry if I made it worse.



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