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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Questions Answered

OK, so I was looking through logs, just to see who was reading the previous post (you can imagine my curiosity regarding this subject and just who's reading it).

Anyway, a search string caught my eye:

"What do you call it when it's dark all of the time in Alaska?"


Glad I could help.


  1. oh yeah, I've got winter down cold (eh heh, badumpbump). Thanks folks, I'll be here all week in rainy Palmer, Alaska. One show a day. Don't forget to tip your blogger. Thank you, and good night.

  2. Your profile says you spend most of your time woodworking and fishing.
    I haven't seen any fish.

    Anonymous GF

  3. As a matter of fact I got some fish tonight. Tilapia. About 8lbs. Frozen. Caught it in the freezer section of the grocery using my debit card lure.

    Tomorrow it'll get pan fried.

    yeah, the salmon run has sucked this year. But it's picking up. I'll see if'n I can't get you some pictures.

  4. My BIL Andy calls that the "North Fork of the Upper Costco River". :)

  5. Well, this was the "Fred Meyer Creek" actually.


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