Thursday, April 29, 2010

Latest From the Shop – Dyed Alaskan Birch Vase

I think I mentioned a while back that I’ve been working on a vase.


It started out as an end-grain turned piece, made from a large chunk of spalted Alaskan birch that has been drying for several years.


The vase evolved along the way to include an accent ring of walnut at the shoulder.


I liked how it looked naturally, but I had something specific in mind for this vase right from the very start.


It’s taken a couple of months, but in my not so humble opinion it was worth the effort:




The color is from multiple applications of different analyine dyes applied over a month’s time. The finish is many, many coats of wipe-on polyacrylic, sanded between applications. The yellow sculpted areas are not naturally occurring, I do that with a variety of powered carving tools.  The interior is yellow - because I like the contrast – and left with a natural wood finish.


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy with how this one came out.


  1. Ho-lee tacos... That's just beautiful. Damn. Yeah - I gotta try some dyes this summer...

    uncest - well, you know...

  2. I remember! A few of us were vying for it. (<:

    It is beautiful!

    How tall is it?

  3. I'm not much for dyed wood (oddly, considering how much time I spend making naturally-colored fibers into other more vivid colors), but that's lovely.

    I want to pet it.

  4. Jim it's really fantastic, so do I detect a new future sales theme here? Gorgeous one of a kind flower vases, just in time for mothers day?

    Because I know this type of gift would go really well with the boring flowers mom usually gets. She loves your bird house by the way. :)

    Beautiful work, well done!

  5. Jim, once again you have managed to outdo yourself.

    One day I will be worthy of such magnicent beauty in my home.

  6. beemodern, it's a shade over 2 feet tall.

    Joe, thanks! This piece took me several months to make and at the moment it's the only one I have. I seriously doubt I'll have a series ready by mother's day, if you know what I mean.

    Wendy, why do I hear "We're not worthy!" in my head when you say that? ;)

  7. Squeee! I love how you manage to imitate nature.

    Will there be bird houses soon?

  8. Soon. Soon there will be birdhouses. I actually had bunch done, but somebody stopped by my shop and saw them and bought the lot. I'm actually in the shop right now making more. ;)

    Also, soon, there will be a batch of bowls. They are almost done.

    Be patient, minions, be patient.

  9. Just nine more and you can start on the bowling ball.

    Just kidding; Incredible! Bravo!

  10. Wow. It's fascinating to watch the evolution of your work, Jim.

  11. Evolution?

    My work is intelligently designed...


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