Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Week’s Very Important Question

Best Air Guitar song?

I’m going with this:


Great acoustic guitar, plus bongos. Seriously, it’s the perfect air band song.


As always, good answers place you on the short list for access to the bunker when the zombie apocalypse comes (where we will be doing a great deal of air guitar to pass the time). The wrong answer, say like anything by Prince (or whatever that little squiggle is calling himself these days), and you’re going to find yourself air banding a reenactment of Thriller…with real zombies.

The flesh eating kind. 


  1. Skullcrusher Mountain works for me, if limitd to the same general style.

    Air band worthy in general this works even better for me.

    Captcha: ovendlyr= an entirely too hip to live seller of large kitchen appliances.

  2. My vote is for "Hard to Handle," originally by Otis Redding, but I prefer the cover by the Black Crowes. Great rhythm guitar, good solos and a simple, yet hooky back beat. Great air band stuff all around.

    proppa = Bostonian dialect for a significant victory over the Yankees ("the Sawks gave 'em a proppa beatdown.")

  3. My favorite air guitar is to Jimi Hendrix- Purple Haze, to the point where it's dangerous if it comes on while I'm driving.

  4. [mostly off-topic comment] I applied for a job at the real Fountains of Wayne store umpty-ump years back and didn't get the job. A cuter girl with no retail experience did. It poisoned me on the store (oh, boo-hoo, it closed last year) and the band.

    clerk = an appropriately NJ capcha

  5. If I may, JIm...

    One should eschew all attraction to air guitar.

    It's just another construct to delude everyone into thinking and dreaming they too can be a (rock star) celebrity.

    It's naught but another fiction that damps down actual creative drive.

    It's a set piece for the marketers of delusion, you can set yourself up with a gaming computer, be provided all the props right down to the video image of your imaginary adoring crowd, building your fabricated and wholly imaginary self-perpetuating replacement for having to exert any effort to acquire any reality based esteem or satisfaction.

    It's a substitute for actual creativity, innovation and/or original thought, just like all the other manufactured illusions meant to distract and divert you from reality.

    Acquire and learn to play a musical instrument, hell, bang on pots and pans, or play a tune on a picket fence with a stick.

    Make your own music, and do it with and amongst others.

    Even poorly executed, you'll find that beats closing oneself off to creativity and subjugating your imagination to illusion. Don't fall for what's only another delusional fantasy.

    After all, when you look at it in relation to what you get from producing artistic craftsmanship through your woodworking, would you opt for the promotion of 'air lathe' or 'air sculpture' ? 'Air joinery' ?

  6. Sometimes you've just got to play the air guitar, Anonymous. How can you listen to Hey, Julie and not strum a few invisible bars? How.

    But, you know, thanks for giving up your space in the Zombie Shelter. ;)

  7. ::pops into recently created vacuum to try out::

    Crying Won't Help You - BB King :) (Deuces Wild)

    Or maybe if you have sullen looks to cast at the zombies, Aberdeen - Kenny Wayne Shepard, from the Ledbetter Heights album.

  8. Sorry, but as I played guitar as a kid, I much prefer playing air drums.

  9. Played guitar, violin and piano in my yout'. Still have the 12-string guitar, but baby needs new strings so haven't played much lately.

    I can, however, air violin to Charlie Daniels' Devil Went Down to Georgia with the best of them!!

    And he played fire on the mount, run boys, run.
    The devil's in the house of the risin' sun.
    Chicken in the bread pin pickin' out dough.
    "Granny, does your dog bite?"
    "No, child, no."

    scrace: redneck translation of disgrace.

  10. Well, yeah, anything my FoW is good for me. I loves me my Fountains of Wayne (good to sing like a mad man as well).

    Or, I'll go with Stevie Ray, but propose "Little Wing" instead as a better air guitar song.

    And since I'm and advanced Air Guitar performer, I'm going to have to go with Led Zeppelin "Black Mountain Side" performed by Jimmy Page. Hell, you have to retune your air guitar to do it properly. It's a 6 in difficulty.

    torie- what I ain't

  11. Wendy, I used to air violin to "Devil Went Down to Georgia" too. It really is the perfect air violin song.

  12. CE - CDB for the WIN!!

    Ole boy can still play the strings of any fiddle he picks up!

  13. How ? How could I resist ?

    Easy... One for the reasons stated before, and two,

    well, I guess it's because I never did work for a mean little man with a clip-on tie, a rub-on tan, a bad toupee and a soup-stained tie.

    Not to infer you have, but still, ....that description could fit some few careerists I've encountered.

    When you hear music outside of the your shelter, you'll be welcome to come on out and join in.

  14. I own scads of instruments, bass, guitar, percussion, etc, and nothing beats a good air jam. Bite me, anonymous.

    Not sure what the best air guitar song would be, but lately I've enjoyed air-jamming along with Ernie Isley to "Who's That Lady?" Ernie was taught by Jimi Hendrix, and it shows.

  15. Here's Ernie Isley solo:

    I've been digging into African-Americans who kicked ass and took names as guitar rockers, and there are a lot out there who have been painfully ignored.

    Hazel Payne of A Taste of Honey has also been ignored, as has that band. Many of my women in rock friends don't know about them, and they're kind of an outlier since they're black and women and play their instruments in the 70s when none of this was normal.
    They totally rock.


    And here they are in a recent PBS special, which is lacking in Hazel, alas:


  16. Anonymous, you really have no idea what we're doing here, do you?

  17. It's perhaps regrettable you've misconceived what I may or may not comprehend,

    but I can't help pointing out that there's always the chance for me to revise my cognizance to adapt to the evolving conventions and contravening norms that seemingly provide contrast to the hypothetical and the theorem.

    If by 'what you do here' you mean, as some are wont to do, that you collectively work to determine the narrow parameters of debate, rigidify and stratify inclusion or exclusion in or to that debate based on a peer to peer determinate granting of some form of elite status ?, ....then the answer would have to be yes, I do get that.

  18. **sigh** I don't know whether our anonymous coward understands air guitar, which when in groups is a way for people of various musical tastes and skill levels to bond in cheerful mutual idiocy. It isn't about the music so much as the cheerful and the bonding.

    Bu what anonymous seems to be up to is verbal wankery and possibly exercising a grudge against our Host, either personal, or against perceived type.

    Right now I am hoping that our anonymous coward was, despite his apparent ideas of superiority, dumb enough to post from work.

    Tat has always been entertaining when it happens.

  19. Anonymous, no, for all your vaunted intellectualism, you really don't get it.

    Not everything is a debate.

    This post, for example, is about having a little fun - and I end up with a list of suggestions for programming a play list with some great guitar riffs. So does anybody else who reads my blog.

    And, just FYI, about half the folks who comment here regularly are musicians of one stripe or another, so you know, you're welcome to stick your sanctimonious bullshit right up your ass.

  20. Ah, I see your attachment to 'riffing on air' now.


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