Monday, April 26, 2010


Folks, I’ve been hellishly busy the last week or so and haven’t much had time to write.

Today continues that trend.

So, instead of a post, in accordance with international internet regulations, have a picture of cats:


That’s Stupid and Tubby – and it shouldn’t take any great effort to figure out which one is which.

For new readers, you may read about the adventures of Stupid, Tubby, and ShopKat here.

There will be some kind of actual post later today. Probably.


  1. Yeah -- it's pretty obvious, isn't it?

    metal = well, metal

  2. Wait... Natalie got a real word for a captcha? How the hell did that happen?


    adven: Sir Reginald Albertson's very last word. His entire last sentence was: "Nay, I shall face your entire army naked for I crave adven--"

    Who or what adven might have been has been the source of speculation for six centuries.

  3. What, you didn't get a real word like 'plater'?

    Personally, the way I feel today, the saying, 'I'm with Stupid' fits exactly with that picture. Scoot over you guys...

    ::fuzzy paw bump::

    plater - the guy that hauls off your empties after your third trip through the buffet.

  4. Where's Shop Cat?

    (wanders around looking for Shop Cat)

    abille = Jim Bob was abille to enter the spelling contest, but didn't last long.

  5. I got a real word! I got a real word!


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