Saturday, May 1, 2010


Whatever happened to Google Wave?

Did it change the world as we know it?

Just curious.


  1. Yes: Google Wave brought on the collapse of the Reptiloid/Molemen Secret Alliance that has ruled Earth from behind the scenes since 1907. You should be seeing the ripple effects of that over the next few years, as long as the Centipede-Men Of Proxima Centauri don't use the opportunity created by the sudden power vacuum, an undesirable outcome that has hopefully been prevented by the cancellation of Microsoft's Courier tablet.

  2. Don't worry -- Apple will soon have an app for the Newton to fix that.

    Dr. Phil

    lyings -- enough said. (grin)

  3. Wave, bye bye.

    So having succumbed to the temptation of the joke, I now must announce that I really don't know what Google Wave is/was.

    Probably just something else cool that I was never privy to. Oh well...

    pravet: one foxhole too many.

  4. Wasn't that replaced by the incredibly popular Google Buzz?

    Christ, I about crapped my pants when I realized my blog was accessible to people who had Friend Connected from my business website. >8^O

    I'm with Tom, now I have to go look up what a Google Wave is.

  5. I still like it a lot more than I ever liked MSN or any other messenger.

    I find it practical to communicate with a group of people, especially considering we're not all living in the same time zone, without having to read dozens of e-mails, not all of them answering the same things and so on.

  6. Google who? Waved what?

    WHO CARES?? Oh, wait, Jim wants us to think he does.

    Never tried it, I shamelessly use Google simply for the free gmail.

    duchlogi: those smartass, ill-logical douchy ad execs who think putting a major corporate name on any product will make it an instant success, ie: Google Wave

  7. Actually, I think it would've worked out great for the UCF if it had come out back when we were just forming up, and didn't know whether we were going to interact on our blogs, through mass email, a Google group, an IRC chat, or a forum. We could've easily become a Wave community.


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