Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Have A Bad Feeling About This


As is turned out, those were the droids we were looking for.

Star Wars Exhibit 035

We went to see the Star War exhibit at the newly expanded Museum in Anchorage yesterday.

My son was appalled by the number of “nerds” present.

And even more appalled to find out his parents were among them.

Embarrassing the 13 year old – it’s sort of the whole point of being parents in the first place.


The exhibit is a collection of props, models, and costumes from the various movies.


The landspeeder was pretty beat up, I doubt you could get more than a couple thousand for it – they’re just not in demand, not since the new models came out anyway.

Star Wars Exhibit 003

This weird old guy kept in front of me cutting. Asshole he was:

Star Wars Exhibit 017


They said it would make .5 past lightspeed, but all I could think was “what a piece of junk!”

Star Wars Exhibit 031


It being Alaska, a number of tourists showed up in their enormous RV’s.

Star Wars Exhibit 009


I’m not sure where they were from, Jerkville maybe (a suburb of Mos Eisley), and they didn’t seem very friendly.

Star Wars Exhibit 010

I tried to talk to this guy, but he gave me the cold shoulder.

Star Wars Exhibit 021


On the other hand, this guy wouldn’t shut up.

Star Wars Exhibit 026


Actually, it was pretty cool. I am always amazed at the level of detail in the models. Though the capes on the costumes looked like somebody recycled all those nylon earth tone drapes from the 70’s.

I suddenly feel the need to watch the original trilogy.


And no, gentle readers, I didn’t see a single Leia bikini.

Not one.


  1. I assume you've seen and laughed at this.

    As for the landspeeder--with that womp rat ding in the front, I wouldn't give anybody more than 500, 750 tops. I'm betting it was sold as an estate-sale item by somebody looking to leave town in a hurry.

    Looks like a cool exhibit, by the way.

  2. No Leia bikinis? Then what's the point?

  3. Eric, of course. One of my favorite de-motivational posters of all time.

  4. Cool! I have a couple of friends up here that are in the 501st Legion, Aurora Borealis Alaskan Outpost - own armor, weps, etc. One's a line trooper and one is a speeder bike trooper (Endor). They make appearances for charitable contributions - Make A Wish type things.

    Doubt I'll make it down by the 25th, but thanks for the pics. The upcoming War in the Aleutians exhibit looks pretty good, too.

    pedical - treatment for a sick bike.

  5. Yeah, I'm definitely going to see the War in the Aleutians exhibit. Can't wait. Hoping they actually have Shemya's role in it - since that Island always seems to be left out. Nobody gives a shit, but I lived there on and off for a number of years and I'd love to see its role as forward strike base for the assault on Attu mentioned.

  6. Funny you should post about flying cars.

  7. Congratulations Jim & Mrs. SKS on fullfilling your mission as a parents by embarrassing your child at a public function. Nerds of the world unite!

    The fact that it was at a Star Wars exhibit is WAY COOL!!!!

    Jealous...just a little bit. No, make that a big bit.

  8. John, did you see how that Anakin kid drove his flying car?

    I rest my case.

  9. Well, you know damn well you haven't suceeded as a parent unless your kids end up in therapy. Just waiting for our local 'art' folks to wake up to culture that doesn't come from the 19th century and maybe a show like this will make it to here...

    symisha - a gay blade?

  10. We had a Star Trek version of that at the local science museum. Had to explain to the nephew about how "as long as it looked real through the camera, it doesn't matter it really looked like (on his comment about how cheap the costumes and some of the set dressings looked like).

    And hey, I get "hyper" - I win!

  11. A friend took this shot at Dragon con....http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=lf#!/photo.php?pid=37644635&id=29261

  12. SO COOL!

    I was one of the few nerdlets that wasn't embarrassed by my dad. We embarrassed my mom with our Star Wars geekiness. I'll never forget the time he took me to see the 20th anniversary of A New Hope in 1997. I was the happiest kid ever :)

  13. Keen! We've been wanting to go for a long time.

    Maybe this week we can go.

    aficus: non-fig.

  14. YOU WENT TO A STAR WARS EXHIBIT WITH OUT ME how dare you (even though we've neever met and i am really just an IP address at this point) lol it took some looking but i got the full trilogy a months or so ago and vegged out with pizza and beer (ah the college life i never lived) i hope its a traveling exhibit, if so i am SO there

    CREPI- text speak for you parents draggin you to a creepy nerd day at the museum

  15. Dude, I totally invited you. We waited as long as we could. Where were you?

    Fortunately, it's a traveling exhibit.

  16. That's what my husband always told our children when they were embarrassed by us, that it was our responsibility as parents to embarrass them-it was our job!

  17. Super cool! I'm jealous. :/
    (I love that only one of those pics was from the new trilogy.)


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