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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Every Country Has A Star Wars Christmas Special

I'm pretty sure this is why everybody hates the French. No, really.

Wilford Brimley and the Ewok Christmas Special is looking pretty damned good now, isn't it?


  1. I'm lucky enough that I was born earlier that year and completely missed this Christmas show.
    If the rest of my family saw it though it would be a good explanation as to why none of them wants to watch Sci-fi, they're still having nigthmares obviously !

  2. Well, Lysambre, I think it was this and Eden Log (quite possibly the absolute worst scifi movie I've ever seen, worst than The Astronaut's Wife even).

    On the other hand, the fantastic Le Jete, which 12 Monkeys is based on, came from France.

    So, you know, I'm probably full of shit. ;)

  3. That was extremely disturbing. I think I'm going to need therapy after that one.

  4. I only made it through 1:40. Is it too late to prosecute these people for abuse of the elecromagnetic spectrum?

  5. you are a stronger man then me steve i had to stop about 45 seconds into it, Jim i'm sorry but i prupose deploying all of I MEF to france for a two week campaing of ass kicking, given france history as warriors we should have 5 days of libo after the inital assualt

    Hedif= an abbriviation that i will not touch in this public forum.

  6. I don't about that idea, Jarhead, I spent some time in southern France, considering the food and wine and beautiful girls and downright nice people - I think the French can be forgiven.



    aschma = a new condition that combines asthma and a speech impediment.

  8. Muwahahahahaha

    You don't know the power of the Dark Side!

  9. Alas, much as I love my French ancestry, this is something I can neither explain nor forgive. Then again, I still don't get their fascination with Jerry Lewis.

  10. Aah yes, the French and Jerry Lewis. A bit like the Americans and Rush Limbaugh, non? Beyond my tiny mind to explain, that's for sure. On the other hand you have managed to unearth something that makes O'Reilly/Palin almost acceptable by comparism. (Please note, I did say "almost")

    graggin - the sensation one gets when accidentally channel surfing to Fox News...

  11. MikeB, while I'm not a Jerry Lewis fan, I would rather spend an entire weekend watching his movies AND the telethon than watch five minutes of Palin/O'Reilly.

    Jerry Lewis doesn't even come close to the wretchedness of those two, either alone or together.

  12. France also produced the movie Alphaville, which is one of those seminal SF films that's worth a look. (Warning: it's also strange as hell in a very phildickian kind of way, and I suspect it's the kind of film you either love or hate depending on your tolerance for surreal mindfuckery.) And straddling the SF/Fantasy borderline, City Of Lost Children is one of my all-time favorite movies, and one I can't recommend highly enough if you haven't seen it.

    Going beyond film, France was the birthplace of the magazine comic Metal Hurlant, which was reinvented in the U.S. as Heavy Metal. Speaking of which, of course Moebius Giraud is one of the most important artists in SF history.

    (And if you want to dig back far enough, there was that Jules Verne guy.)

    So, y'know, don't knock the French SF. Sure, they gave us Luc Besson, who "graced" us with The Fifth Element, but I'd rather associate France-goes-Hollywood with Pierre Boulle, who wrote the novel that Rod Serling turned into Planet Of The Apes.


    Evairan: Evan Newkirk's twin sister, presumed dead after the destruction of her lunar-based laser cannon by special agents from M9.

  13. Eric: "Sure, they gave us Luc Besson, who "graced" us with The Fifth Element.."

    Hmm. Sounds dismissive. We all know The Fifth Element is the greatest movie of the 90s, yes?

  14. Hmm. Sounds dismissive. We all know The Fifth Element is the greatest movie of the 90s, yes?




    I'm sorry, I misread you. I must have something in my eye. What was that again?


    nostran: someone who has flown to Brazil for highly-controversial nose-change surgery.

  15. Oh hell yes, Jeff.

    In fact, I think I must now watch The Fifth Element in HD again tonight.

  16. Hmph. I had the idea first.

    sonske - the childske you send to get you a bewske.

  17. Oh, hell, Vince. Sorry about that - that's what I get for not keeping up with the blog roll.

  18. No problem, but you owe me a beer when I come to Alaska. :-)

  19. Deal... and as an added bonus, I'll introduce you to the Palins...


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