Monday, January 4, 2010

Standing Watch

ShopKat keeping a keen eye out for vermin



I don’t know why, but she likes to sit on top of those burl blanks, on the bottom rack of the wood cart. She’ll sit there for hours, absolutely alert, watching for any vole stupid enough to cross the perimeter.


This, of course, is my way of saying I spent the evening in the shop working on the lathe instead of writing. 

So sorry.


  1. has shopcat been fully briefed on the rules of interyor guard?

  2. She can recite the General Orders, but only in cat.

    chippn half of a well known English furniture maker.

  3. There's nothing wrong with making sawdust.

    gazingli - what you do when you look

  4. Every time you post a picture of the shop I see one more tool I have left behind. This time the dovetail jig. Guard the shop well shopcat.

  5. Well, she knows the eleven General Orders of the Feline Sentry:

    1. To take charge of the shop chair and shed all over everything in view

    2. To walk my post in a feline manner, rubbing up against all ankles encountered.

    3. To report when the food bowl is empty.

    4. To ... what was that again? I have a very short attention span. Ah to hell with it, nap time.

  6. Beastly,

    What's a dovetail jig? (My abilities with wood are pretty much limited to the ability to identify wood from plastic and to admire wood more than plastic.)

    Eparept = injection to fight a sudden desire for greek food.

  7. Nice - you've been busy!

    I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly pampered, scratched, fed, spoiled, and relieved.

    Vise - I could use a vise. Any of this stuff for sale?

    undly - unfriendly

  8. Does shopcat make gifts of the vermin she catches or is she more of a 'play with them until they're dead and then leave them laying around' kind of cat?

  9. A "dovetail jig" is that dance they did in Scrooge, when Albert Finney as Scrooge is taken by the Ghost Of Christmas Past to see the parties his old boss used to throw, right?

    oulati: a kind of dovetail jig

  10. Shopkat is doing a fine job of guarding those...OOOOH...a new batch of birdhouses??

    Any sassafras ones?? I missed out on the last batch. Keep us posted if/when they're available.

    nomation: when the animation in the Claymation movie fails

  11. ShopKat is looking alert today. I would bet that the burl blanks allow for good clas-sharpening. Plus, she sets off the birdhouses so well.

    repsion- those strange cold-like upper respiratory problems that last all damn winter. [Bitter? No, I'm not bitter.]

  12. Lauren;
    A dove tail jig is a tool used for holding sides and backs or faces of say drawer boxes and create what look like well dove tails using a router and a couple of specialty bits. Open a drawer in a nice older piece of furniture and you will see the end results.

  13. You don't think she's watching the birdhouses in the hopes for maybe ... a bird?

    Sivalico - The Lone Ranger's cat

  14. Don't listen to Beastly folks, he's just jealous of my new camera. Bawahahahaha!

    Wine Guy, ShopKat tends to line her kills up with geometric precision on the mat in front of the lathes.

    Wendy, I have a special birdhouse for you. And for the rest of you, I'll have pictures and prices up for this batch of birdhouses later this evening. Maybe. Depending on how badly today kicks my ass.

  15. Wendy, I have a special birdhouse for you.

    Oh goodie!! I'm special!!

  16. You've always been special, Wendy.

    Dr. Phil

    poing -- the sound your CPU makes when you touch a contaminated website.


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