Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Silvan Zingg


Michael Jackson and his moonwalk got nothing on these two.


That was from the Silvan Zingg International Boogie Woogie Festival.


My mom sent me this, along with a note saying that my dad used to dance like this.

I, apparently, did not inherit this particular gene.


  1. What is it with men who can't/don't/won't dance?

    I think dancing is one of the sexiest things you can do with your clothes on (and even without touching) yet very few men I know will dance.

    This makes me very sad. Because I love to dance.

    rolypt - exercise for round people

  2. My butt and thighs would still be jiggling 3 days later.


  3. The interesting thing about that was it wasn't packed full of ultra-difficult, flashy stuff. They did about eight set piece, performance moves, and the rest of it was fairly standard stuff. But all of it was done with the same energy and brilliant detail.

  4. Michelle, you simply don't understand - I'm good at a lot of things, but I lack any kind of musical ability of any kind whatsoever. I'm not tone deaf, but I lack rhythm to an astounding degree.

    I was the only slug at Chief Initiation in the history of the Navy that was ordered NOT to sing. You have no idea. Really.

  5. How can one NOT sing at Chief's Initiation? Either you're really, really bad... or you're worse than that.

    The dancing is excellent. He has no bones in his legs and she shows an astounding trust in her partner.

    Plus they were dancing in a space only about 6' wide.

    Good stuff!

  6. I like it because she gets to wear real-person shoes (i.e. flat), instead of those impossibly high heels the women get stuck wearing on So You Think You Can Dance?

    radkfing- I don't know, but you'd better wash your hands afterward.


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