Saturday, January 23, 2010

Uneasy Rider

This song cracks me up. I always thought it would have made a great music video:

I'm not exactly a big Charlie Daniels fan, but the guy can sure play a fiddle.


  1. One of Southern Rock & Rolls greatest legends. And once upon a time he rode in my first car!

    Met him many years ago before he'd hit it big. Heck, back then CDB were playing college shows for $1,000 a night plus a fully stocked canteen area.

    I was on the event committee. Part way through pre-show set up this grungy looking guy comes up and asks if any one knows where he could pick up some violin bows before the show. I had been volunteered for the run because I played violin and knew where the music supply shops were.

    So off I go with this guy, I'm not even sure we were ever introduced, I figured he was a roadie getting parts for the show. HA! Joke was on me. This was the mid-70's, everyone had that grungy hippie look going on.

    Get to the music store and during the course of him trying several styles of bows and the two of us discussing the merits of each, I discovered who he was. We had a great time, he's actually classically trained but had discovered early on symphonies were not his style. He bought a dozen or so bows, several sets of strings for both violin & guitar and we headed back.

    The show was great. And Charlie was nice enough to stop by the office before they cleared out that night to thank me. Class act.

    So now every time I see him tear up the bow on that Geico commercial he's doing, I crack up!

  2. Apropos of nothing in this post, I love your letter/email, and am also glad to know you are not in prison.

  3. Thanks! I thought you'd get a kick out of it Jim.

    entac = attack of the Ents


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