Friday, January 22, 2010

Latest From the Woodshop – Little Big Project

Thought you might dig this:


A friend of mine has a dollhouse.

One of those expensive museum quality handmade dollhouses that is more work of art than toy.  She gets great enjoyment from furnishing it.

I thought she should have an official Stonekettle Station hand turned bowl for it. It was her Christmas present this year.

This bowl was turned on my big lathe, the same as any of my other pieces (only with a lot more squinting). It’s made from Osage Orange and finished in Tung Oil and Bee’s Wax.


  1. THAT is about 15 kinds of AWESOME.
    What did you turn it with, and exacto knife?

  2. Very cool. :)

    The first time I turned was in high school - from leftover dowel bits. I made tiny goblets, captured ring rattles, stuff like that, using nails hammered into various cutting tool shapes. (Someone had stolen the turning tool set) I had a whole world of stuff that would fit in a pocket.

    Where'd you get the Osage, if I can ask? It's a tiny chunk, but I bet it's a chip off an old block...

  3. Karl, I found a couple pieces of osage orange in the scrap/discount odd pieces bin at AK Hardware Specialties in Anchorage. I use it mostly for finials and such, but I did have a piece big enough to make a full birdhouse out of in that first batch I posted here a while back.

    pws, I used a Crown skewchigouge for the outside and a small #1 Jet thin kerf parting tool for the hollowing.

  4. Jim, that's amazing. The serious dollhouse fanatics I know here in LA would mob you to sign up for your services.

    One of my oldest friends makes custom dollhouse rugs. She has all the business she wants! Good thing you live thousands of miles away.

    solate: to put something in the sun.

  5. I want to see the magnification of the glasses you used to look at it turning. Have your eyes uncrossed yet?

  6. What an extraordinarily thoughtful gift. :)

    Oh sweet -- my word verification today is "puddyn." Which is not a real word, but sounds like it could be.

  7. Papa was a builder of dollhouses and furniture..he would have loved that bowl.
    Thanks for giving me that little memory.
    and....really nice work!!

  8. You are a thoughtful guy, Jim. [shhhhh! I won't tell!]

    BTW, did you see Shawn's flicker photo of his burnt bowl?


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