Sunday, January 17, 2010


Happy Martin Luther King day, folks.

I'll be offline for the rest of the weekend.

We're off to explore the interior of Alaska, back Monday night at the earliest.

What are you doing with your weekend?


  1. Well, I was going to explore the interior of Alaska, too. But if you're already on your way, forget it.

    Does there HAVE to be a crowd everywhere I f*cking go!?!? ::fume::

    {fundia: common name for The Sovereign Commonwealth of Fun and Affiliated Protectorships.}

  2. I'm going out to harvest some turning materials now that the week long -30 snap has snapped. After that my brother and I will be bottling up some beer we've had going the last couple of weeks. Couple of movies, maybe, a walkabout on the back 3 to see what's what. Tinkering. A nap. Making parts for the box threader I've been wanting to build.

  3. Being momentarily jealous of you, then remembering that I have a fair slice of natural beauty around me to explore too.

    crainsi - how one feels after eating that second bowl of breakfast cereal.

  4. Aw man. Jim leaves town again and he doesn't leave anything for us in the fridge. Damn, where's Michelle with the chocolate? But until then, hey, frickin' big TV. Time to catch up on all the 'splody movies Jim has.


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