Monday, February 22, 2010

Wally Monday

I expect my Monday to be just like this:


Just exactly like this.


  1. I saw that this morning and immediately saved it.

    I frelling HATE powerpoint.

  2. its funny how right on Dilbert can be

  3. I don't hate powerpoint. I hate how people USE powerpoint. It's like hating a pistol because some freakin' idiot shoots himself in the leg with his own weapon... or shoots one of his best friends accidentally with his shotgun.

    Not that I'd ever mention certain NFL stars or a former VP of the USA.

  4. Neener, neener, neener... I've never seen a powerpoint and wouldn't know one if I tripped over it.

    Dinosaurette and proud!

  5. Mrs. Bitch, consider yourself very, very lucky.

    Not only do I know what it is...I used to have the teach the crap to unsuspecting students. AAAARRRRRHHHHHH!!!

    Ah, yes, corporate brainwashing at its finest level.

    As for me, today I'm doing all the things I was supposed to do on Friday but couldn't because of the interuptions!

  6. I like Powerpoint. But then again, I make simple slides with a few bullet points on each. And the transition from slide-to-slide is simple. No silly blinking or spinning or window blinds.

    I LOVE this comic. I am giving a presentation in a couple of weeks at work. It will begin with this comic. :-)

  7. Power Point is this generations TQM-nuff said

    metos= the metor breath mint

  8. I like Powerpoint. It's the cheapo alternative for laying out conference posters and newsletters and etc. :)


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