Friday, February 12, 2010

Just Because…

…it’s Friday night!

Jello shots for everybody!

Everybody! Up on the counters and tables.

I wanna see air guitar like you don’t have teenaged children who are watching in utter horror!

I wanna see some dancing like you won’t need an entire tube of Ben-Gay tomorrow!


Yes, yes!



Crap.  You all went to bed already. Didn’t you?



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  2. You're in Alaska. I'm in the NWT. It's past my bedtime.

    (That was me earlier: I was logged in on my son's account. It's past his bedtime, too.)

  3. So, it's just me and Megan then?

    Fine, more jello shots for us!

    I'm kidding, where in the NWT are you, Megan? I've probably driven past your house. I've driven the ALCAN a number of times.

  4. leerc = the noise I made after trying NOT to air guitar to that track...

  5. Hell, I'm still up and I'm in Snow'lanta!

    The Olympically very late local news is on now and all the snow/slush on the roads from this afternoon has now frozen. There are actually traffic jams on several major roads at 12:34 at night!!

    You in Alaska may laugh, I'm from the New York snowbelt and this stuff makes me laugh every time. ::snort::

    Pass the jello shots, I'll need to dull the pain from the air guitar workout!

    graugurr - noise one makes while playing air guitar...

  6. Just got in from slurping beer and attempting to get a belly exposed for body shots. Took some face shots instead but, the bruising will go away in a couple of days.

  7. I probably shouldn't admit this, but I've never actually had a jello shot.

    I had a sip of whiskey once, though.

    sping = too easy, man

  8. We're in Yellowknife, the capital city. We used to be up in Inuvik.

  9. Sorry- I was offline for the weekend. (but I promise- I'm mentally air-guitaring as I type)

  10. Hmmmm...reading these posts, I'm remembering there many great rock anthems to accompany killing zombie.

    Iron Maiden's Fire and even insipid Nancy Sinatra's version of These Boots were definitely anthems for my budding rebellious spirit during the heady days of middle school.

    BTO's Taking Care of Business and Let it Ride--in H.S. by then, with driver's licenses and cars (sometimes our parents') we couldn't drive fast enough on those winding back roads when those two songs were blasting from our 8-tracks.

    My tastes are eclectic though, so I can easily see blasting Zombies to Abba's Take a Chance on Me or Dancing Queen. In fact, I think it would be waaay cool. Now that I think about it, I could even blast Zombies to Aqua's technopop, Happy Boys and Happy Girls. Something so compellingly rich about the contrast of peppy, happy, simplistic music blasting as Zombie heads are blown off by gun-wielding women (in this fantasy, I handle the big ol' rifle/submachine gun like Sarah Connor in Terminator 2, with one hand when need be.).

    And certainly, any number of ZZ Top numbers should be on the list.


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