Saturday, February 27, 2010

In the Shop, Making Sawdust

In the shop, making sawdust this morning to the sounds of America’s Sister Golden Hair


This is an endgrain vase from spalted birch.

Urn 1

Urn 2

Eventually it will get dyed and carved into a style similar to this pieces:


And then we’re off to the Fur Rendezvous in Anchorage today.



What are you doing with your Saturday?


  1. *coughs gently*

    Statistics. That's what I'm doing with my Saturday. AGAIN.

    Say...does that vase have a home, yet?

  2. Making sure all my friends are accounted for in HI. Replacing an oil pan gasket on my Scout and catching a movie with the misses.

  3. Trying to overload with Olympics before the cold turkey of Monday arrives and they are over.

    May start a new short story that's been percolating in my brain for the last week. A Zero Contact story. (The aliens like totally ignore you.)

    Dr. Phil

    ovenoode -- (1) a baked noodle dish, (2) egg noodles, (3) the Master Overlord Noodle.

  4. sauthi -- a Saudi living in South Boston.

  5. Well, as it's now after 4 in the afternoon here and I've pretty much not left the comfy chair in the living room all day, I'd say not much.

    Might wander down to the grocery store, I'm about to check their ad to see if I'll get better bargains this afternoon or tomorrow.

    mialalla = Italian for lalala I can't hear you...

  6. I am currently sitting my chair deciding whether to send you money ahead of time in a shameless attempt to wrestle that vase away from Janiece's hot little hands or not. Considering that she's a former chief, I know who would lose *that* battle. But I want it.

  7. woah - coming along nicely, nicely. That extra layer in there will finish up pretty, I'm guessing. Every time I get a spalted piece with nice color in it it's already gone round the bend. Maybe I'll have to brew my own.

    Cool - waiting for the next update now! :)

  8. Wow. Those are gorgeous.

    Eh. Helping the folks this Saturday, whilst my best girl negotiates an automobile loan (which has been a bit depressing).

    birairu: the dual rairu state. See more at rairu.

  9. Hrm... well... I stayed up until 9am playing a computer game. (What? I couldn't go to bed because my vassal cities kept rebelling! I couldn't leave them like that!) Then I slept until 4. Now it's 10, and all I've done is websurf.

    monosit = a sitting position while in 2D and grayscale.

  10. Fixed my "beloved" Chevy again and tried to protect my overdraft from my ex. Did you have a good day?

    sascr - a small, slightly less wild sasquatch

  11. Wow! Beautiful. How tall is that vase?

    Who do I have to pretend I'll be friendly with to get it? What? No one? Okay, then how much do I have to pay in real money?

    Sold a bed on Craigslist. Took photos for curtain panels and more furniture to sell. Went with my main squeeze to see Chicago (great show; good cast), and then dinner at a friendly little Korean restaurant close to home. Now home with a blaze in the fireplace; settled in with laptop, blankets, afore mentioned main squeeze, and the dog, to watch a movie and think about what else I will have to get rid to make room for that vase. Multi-tasking.

    It was a nice day.

  12. Let's see how it comes out first, before the bidding and mud wrestling starts.


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