Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don’t Even Start

Today’s google search phrase:

“Jim Wright Leia Slave Bikini Sexist Comment Scalzi Whatever” 

from some persistent goon in Australia, and:

“stone kettle jim wright on the Whatever sexist homophobe”

from some jerkoff in Palo Alto.

Several dozen search hits altogether today.  I have no idea what brought this up again and frankly I do not care.

This is where I stand: You may kiss my ass.  Don’t start that shit again.  I quit Scalzi’s site because of you assholes, and I put up with a month of hate mail.  You win. I hope you GenderFail fucks are very happy playing with yourselves.

Talk about it all you like somewhere else, but don’t start that shit here.

You stay on your side of the Internet and I’ll stay on mine.


  1. Not sure how I can help, but I've got your back if need be.

  2. Thanks.

    I have no idea what the deal is, nobody has made a comment here. But I'm seeing several dozen search hits that all end up here. Must be somebody is talking about this shit again.

  3. I hit Google just now to see if anything came up on those searches that would suggest interest, and nothing came up. Wasn't one of the obnoxious irritants Australian, though?

    Meh. It's probably not worth anymore thought. Let me know if you need to assemble the posse, though. I've got a length of chain and a baseball bat with a railroad spike in the business end if you need me.

  4. I've got a length of chain and a baseball bat with a railroad spike in the business end if you need me.

    And a FaceBook Fanpage...SWOON!


    pullyt = I'm not even going there.

  5. Well, it's not a very good fan page.

  6. Yeah, there needs to be a pic of him in the Leia bikini, I think. >.>

    Meanwhile: people still care about that? o.O That comment should've been maybe a footnote in the annals of Internet altercations, if that. Get over it already, people. :p

  7. Hmm. Strange. I got here from a positive link from Whatever (when I first started lurking around your place,) and I thought that link came post genderfail. Anyway, not starting shit, I guess I am just not aware of all internet traditions.

  8. You must have come across an older post, Justin. I haven't been on the Whatever since about comment 200 on the We Hate Jim Wright GenderFail post.

    Hopefully that won't become an internet tradition.

  9. What? You're not going to post a picture of yourself in front of the poster I sent you?!

    halgunr = I'm sorry Dave, you'll have to speak to Roland

  10. “Jim Wright Leia Slave Bikini Sexist Comment Scalzi Whatever”

    I think the search phrase should have been "Jim Wright in a Leia bikini"


    Anyway, send the pricks over my way and I will either smack them with my cane or do some unlawful trephining.

    formark = who's Mark? I'm not "for Mark". I'm for "as much chocolate as I can eat"

  11. pagum = fools worshipping Jim in his Leia Slave Bikini


  12. I've been a fan of Whatever for a while and it was genderfail that brought me to your site back when it happened. I've been lurking ever since. So, Yay Genderfail!

  13. And I most certainly appreciate that, anon, I do.

    And I was regular on Scalzi's site for years, but get gang raped by the genderfail crowd and then being put into a position where I couldn't defend myself by the host was unacceptable.

    If that's the type of comment forum he wants, well that's his call, but I'm not having anything to do with it.


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