Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sarah Palin is a Big Fat Hypocrite

Update: My two most recent statements in the comments section should clarify my thinking on this post.

Sarah Palin is upset.

She wants the White House Chief of Staff fired.

Seems Rahm Emmanuel used the word “retard.”

Oh, the horror! Oh, the outrage!

Emmanuel reportedly responded to some ideas floated by fellow democrats as “fucking retarded” during a white house strategy session.

Palin, whose youngest kid is retarded, was mortified.  Her feelings were hurt.  She was horrified.  She was appalled. She was mortally offended by the use of the word “retard” and wrote on her facebook page that Emanuel's epitaph was "heartbreaking" and said his "degrading scolding" has been "completely ignored by the White House."  She went on to say, "Just as we'd be appalled if any public figure of Rahm’s stature ever used the ‘N-word’ or other such inappropriate language, Rahm’s slur on all God's children with cognitive and developmental disabilities, and the people who love them, is unacceptable, and it’s heartbreaking.” [emphasis mine]

I love the way she managed to divert the manufactured insult onto herself with that “…and the people who love them…” aside.  Wonderful bit of propaganda for her facebook toadies, that. The fact that it was completely fabricated in Palin’s fuzzy little mind is apparently beside to point.  I read the transcript, I couldn’t find where Emmanuel said, “and a pox on those who love the little pinheads too.”  But, hey, it’s all about Sarah, right? The self centered beauty queen will use any opportunity for attention, even her own handicapped child. 

Yes, Emmanuel’s comment was coarse and perhaps thoughtless, but Palin’s self centered narcissism is downright despicable.

Palin went on to say, “Rahm is known for his caustic, crude references about those with whom he disagrees, but his recent tirade against participants in a strategy session was such a strong slap in many American faces that our president is doing himself a disservice by seeming to condone Rahm’s recent sick and offensive tactic.”

What’s this? Sick and offensive? Really?

Sarah Palin is offended by the use of the word “retard” and sickened by Emmanuel’s reported likening of his own lousy bowling ability to the Special Olympics? Palin is criticizing somebody else for attacking those whom they disagree with?   Palin wants a man fired for using words she finds offensive?  Are you kidding me?


Would it have been OK if instead of calling fellow democrats retarded, Emmanuel had referred to them as “terrorists” or “Arabs” or “Kenyans” or maybe “traitors?” Because apparently when it’s Palin who is making the “caustic, crude references” about those she disagrees with, well, that’s just common sense politics. Right?

What a load of moose manure.

It’s hysterical when the shoe is on the Conservative foot, isn’t it? 

It’s just so goddamned funny how being offended by a liberal’s hateful or demeaning or thoughtless speech somehow isn’t political correctness.  Funny how it’s not politically correctness when it’s Palin’s kid, isn’t it? When a Conservative is offended, I mean.

Funny how Palin thinks minorities in America should just suck it up and stop being so sensitive, how they should accept discrimination and ethnic profiling and nationalistic insults without protest, but when it comes to Palin’s little drooler, well, then politically correct outrage is just fine.  Just fine indeed. Yes, as long as you’re a Conservative, or a Teabagger, or a Neocon.

It’s funny how when it’s Palin and her supporters who toss off thoughtless insults regarding the mental health of their enemies – e.g. Liberalism is a Mental Illness! – it’s somehow OK.  Liberals should just suck that shit up, get a thicker skin, don’t be so sensitive, because after all Palin is just pointing out the truth, right? After all, if you disagree with Sarah Palin, you must be mentally defective.  It’s funny how it’s OK to insult, slur, and mock everybody Palin doesn’t agree with, but somehow it’s not OK to use the term ‘retard’ in the same generic sense that damned near everybody in America does – and you can bet spoiled special perfect pretty little Sarah did too before she gave birth to a child with Down’s Syndrome.  

Emmanuel didn’t say, “that idea is as retarded as Palin’s kid.” What he said was that for democrats to attack other democrats for disagreeing with the president was “fucking retarded,” i.e. the idea of further dividing the party was mentally defective. Blunt? Yes. Crude? Certainly. But Emmanuel wasn’t insulting handicapped kids, he was deliberately insulting Democrats who were behaving poorly.   Was his comment politically correct? Hell no, of course not. Deliberately not, just as mine above are not. Just as Palin and the rest of the conservatives claim they want.  The Chief of Staff used the term with malice aforethought in order to get the attention of his fellow Democrat’s and rub their noses in how idiotic they were acting.  Emmanuel made no mention of Palin, any Palin.   Sarah Palin had to go out of her way to be offended, exactly as she accuses minorities and the “politically correct” of doing. Exactly the same.

The difference, of course, being that little Trig Palin is one of God’s children, liberals apparently are not.

The staggering hypocrisy of this woman and the people who support her never ceases to astound me.

And I think her feigned outrage is downright retarded.


  1. I was chuckling at this, and the Smart Man responded with, "Being a media whore is just Common Sense!"


  2. I saw your tweet and thought, "Damn! Why didn't I think of that?"

    I think she's read this, just now. So, I'm probably banned from any future Palin events already. Using the word "whore" is probably overkill at this point.

  3. Now, now Jim. There's such a thing as trying to hard.

    As a respected member of our military services, I'm sure it's simply a case of Traumatic Brain Injury, and once you get better you'll be back on the side of the Right...

    Oh. Wait. Health care?


    Back to the drawing board.

    ungess = Calvin's mom preferred to ungess what was in his hands.

  4. The whole thing just has me giggling like a 12 year old. Every time I try to think about it in any serious context, I just give up because, frankly...the whole thing is just fucking retarded.

    Emanuel meant to be offensive toward his target and succeeded beautifully. Pissing off Sarah is just an unforeseen side benefit.

    (BTW, It was Obama who compared his (own) bowling to Special Olympics -- on the Tonight Show.)

    flarnvie = I'm not sure what it means. It's kinda like penis envy...just about flarns.

  5. Oh, good God! I know the most tasteless, offensive joke on this subject. If I really thought she was reading this, I'd print it.

  6. Mrs. Bitch,

    If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit next to me.

  7. If disagreeing with Sarah Palin means I'm mentally defective I'm surprisingly ok with that.

  8. Mrs. Bitch, does it involve the line, "...and be sure to eat your vegetables?"

  9. As parents of an autistic child (who is neither stupid nor silent), my wife and I prefer that "retard" not be used, as it is too often misused and generally hurtful.

    That said, fuck her if she can't take a joke. We can.

    Also, when I was in Montreal I noticed that all the delayed flights were listed as being "retarded" and I thought, "How appropriate."

    mulling = it has something to do with brewing or distilling, right?

  10. Nick from OC, as the parent of a child with serious mental problems, the term also makes me cringe.

    However with regard to fucking her, she isn't my type.

  11. Nick, Warner: the difference, I assume, is that neither of you are on the "it's all the fault of political correctness!" bandwagon.

    My issue with Palin on this subject is the abject hypocrisy of her outrage. She has repeatedly taken the Teabag/Neocon position that [insert whichever "unAmerican" minority/religious belief/nationality/ethnicity you like] should just suck it up, they're in "our" country or in our world. She's said repeatedly that "they" shouldn't be so sensitive. Bluntness is prized by her and her supporters. Supposedly.

    I absolutely agree that referring to those with mental disorders or handicaps as "retards" is about as crass as it gets, same with any of the many variations. And though I do use the term here upon occasion, it is never, ever in connection with those who have actual mental or physical issues. If I'm doing it, it's with malice aforethought and aimed at those who are supposedly in full possession of their facilities and yet seem deliberately incapable of using them. The Anti-Vaxxers and Anti-LHC crowd are examples, both of which I've referred to as a bunch of retards. The Teabaggers are another (and my repeated use of "Teabagger" is another deliberate insult, those people are idiots).

    This post was intended to be about as insulting as possible - if you're Sarah Palin. I find her continued representation of us Alaskan insulting and offensive. I've got a pretty strong suspicion that at least somebody associated with her reads this blog regularly. Somebody in Wasilla searches for "palin" on a daily basis, and comes by here several times a week. If it is her, or her people, well, I hope she's massively insulted, offended, and outraged.

    And if she is reading this, remember, You reap what you sow, bitch, suck it up.

  12. Something else I want to make clear here - Palin is not offended.

    If anything, it is Palin's action that are offensive. She continually claims that her kids are off limits, but then uses them as political tokens whenever she perceives that it's to her advantage.

    In this case, as I noted in the text, she diverted the "insult" onto herself. This wasn't about Emmanuel calling Trig Palin a demeaning name, this was about Sarah Palin using an off hand comment out of context and the condition of her child to garner sympathy for herself for purely selfish reasons and to advance her agenda.

    This is about as despicable as it gets. ESPECIALLY from a woman who claims to revere children above all else.

    She's a fucking hypocrite of the highest order.

  13. Jim,

    Yeah, I got all that. No need to elaborate. Not a problem from my end.

    Plus a couple of weeks ago I referred to the neighbor's kid as a "retard" -- though of course it was just my wife in the room at the time. She shot me a look and gently corrected me, telling me the preferred PC usage is "a couple of fries short of a happy meal".

    dityli = acronym. Stands for "Do It To Yourself - Lesson Internal" -- meaning a lesson learned from your own screwup.

  14. Hey Jim ~ Nope, but I think I'd like that one, too. This one can be found here:


  15. A most refreshing look at the wonders of modern entertainment. I trust the Wassila stormtroopers haven't burst through your doors yet?

    dysma - the opposite of datma

  16. Media Whore fits perfect actually...

    That friggen broad will do anything to keep her name in the news

    She is an embarrassment to Alaska.

  17. Waaaaah! By calling Sarah Palin a "Big Fat Hypocrite" you are insulting all overweight people and those who love them. (No i'm not looking in a mirror right now, why do you ask?)

    Of course if you compared Sarah Palin to a baboon with tertiary syphilis you would be insulting all large vicious monkeys with brain damage caused by sexually transmitted diseases at this point.

  18. The real unacceptable fallout of the whole thing is that Rahm Emmanuel had to spend today doing damage control because of Palin's stupidity. I'm quite sure he had much more important things to attend to, but NOOOOOO...

    Can we get her for interfering with government activities???

  19. I'd say the whole thing was fucking lame but then I'd be insulting the physically handicapped, or something.

  20. I'm so envious. I want to be banned by the Palinistas, and after she won the 2009 'Tard of the Year Award over on HCDSM, I thought I'd be a shoe-in.

    What's a gal got to do to be considered persona non grata around here?

    wates = What you do while you're waiting for the Palinistas to ban you.

  21. I've been trying to wean myself from using that particular adjective ever since I met someone who really was retarded who was hurt by hearing it. (I think I exceeded my lifetime use allotment in eighth grade, anyway).

    Not that I'm siding with Palin. She can take her fake offense and shove it into the nearest moose. I don't care about being "PC" (whatever that means), I just try not to hurt people who are already marginalized.

    There are so many other wonderful synonyms. "Stupid" is simple and direct, for example, and really if you think about it, more accurate.

    "Retarded" implies a condition you were born with, or at the least, you can't help. When it's applied, however, it's usually to a situation or person that is intentionally or willfully obtuse.

  22. Jim

    If I were offended I would have said so, or burned your shop to the ground and sent you a Craftsman catalog.

    I also find her hypocrisy maddening, but that is true of the hypocrisy of most Real Patriots.

    hensense - a couple of steps above Palin's common sense

  23. A craftsman catalog?

    Oooh, you are a bad man.

    Craftsman (shudder).

  24. Oh, it gets worse. I just heard the first Teabagger Convention starts today in Nashville.

    The keynote speaker? I betcha know already!!

  25. Warner FTW -- burn down Jim;s shop and give him a Craftsman catalog. I'm still laughing.

  26. When Eunice Shriver died, I heard several people on the news and radio shows talking about how they were trying to substitute "intellectually disabled" for the "R-word."

    It was 3 days before I realized they weren't talking about "Republican"

  27. Actually, the word retarded does not only apply to those born with below average intelligence, developmental problems, or who suffer brain damage. The words retard/retarded/retarding/retardation are applied to systems and objects (as when they are forced to move slowly or are hindered. Ex: "The weather retarded the project's progress.").

    It is a choice one makes to apply the word only to one meaning and then to take it personally. Also, words like stupid were once used to describe those with developmental delays, and those whose brains never evolved beyond the earliest years, so how is it any better? (We stopped using the word dumb to apply to mute, but the word is still used in other contexts without controversy.)

    Not to mention, because of better treatment of and respect for people with differing abilities (and their rights), to people younger than boomers, the word's meaning is changing, moving away from literally applying to those who are mentally limited.

    The new term "intellectually disabled" isn't even accurate because intellectualism and intelligence are entirely different things!

    I don't think Obama was insulting the Special Olympics when he made that reference because he was talking about himself, as a fully able-bodied, physical, even athletic, man with limitations when it comes to the Olympics. The Special Olympics are not like the regular Olympics because the athletes do not have the same capabilities. If they did, all athletes would be competing together. Pretending it isn't so doesn't change that fact. It is making too much out of small moments, side statements that are not official pronouncements, when a big deal is made out of these sort of references. The media does it to create controversy and the cynically brazen, like Sarah, use it to their advantage.

    One thing about Sarah no one ever seems to want to say, so I will, is that she climbed on a plane in Texas AFTER her water broke and spent all day and well into the night to fly all the way to Alaska. She did that even though she knew her baby was a special needs baby and they require special care at birth. She did that even though she was in her 40s, which made his birth riskier as well. She did that even though she knew it was against airline policy (she kept it from the airline so they would let her board).

    Excited mothers with their new baby's best interest at heart make a beeline to the hospital after their water breaks because once it does, that liquid barrier protecting the baby and womb from contamination is gone. Mothers do that even when they are in their prime child bearing years and when they have normal pregnancies with no signs of anything wrong with the fetus/baby. But not Sarah. She deliberately chose to do what put her baby at higher risk, and her reason? He just Had to be born in Alaska! Really? Putting his life in danger took a back seat to that? I've given birth and raised babies too, so I don't believe her.

    BTW, I was annoyed with David Letterman for caving and apologizing for his joke (which he intended to be about Bristol). As unseemly as it may have been to publicly joke about an under-the-age-of-18 girl's sexual exploits, Sarah's going on TV to say he was joking about the "raping" of her youngest daughter was just too much. He should have just said so and told her to get over it. Giving in only encourages her.

  28. Absolutely excellent observation, Beemodern. Dead on.


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