Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why I’m Having Trouble Typing This Morning

Desk Cat 001

There seems to be a large furry object in the way.

As I mentioned to Dr. Phil yesterday, you have to be careful writing science fiction when there are cats present – you’re very likely to fall under their psychic influence and end up channeling Andre Norton.


  1. The cat gets no closer than to sit on the shelf next to the computer.

    Problem solved. Especially when they're sixteen years old and sleep all the time.

    Dr. Phil

  2. Or as Mrs. Dr. Phil says -- Cats are portable. They even come with handles.

    Dr. Phil

  3. Your future feline overlords care not for your insignificant desire to type on the keyboard. You have petting to do, human. Get your priorities straight.

  4. Yeah, and when you're done petting them, feed them. Geez, you want to get work done. Silly human.

    Have you learned NOT-THING??


  5. Have you learned NOT-THING

    Yesh, once again Wright demonstrates his inability to learn.


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