Monday, July 6, 2009

At the Airport

Jim is on vacation in Florida Panhandle, he is tired, grumpy, and ready to be somewhere else. Fortunately for all parties involved, he gets his wish today (He's really just kidding, he had a great time)
At the Pensacola airport waiting from my flight to Houston and then up to Michigan.

The wifi is free and that's a good thing because I wouldn't pay for it - it's an incredibly shitty Meraki installation. Meraki, who apparently thinks that it's acceptable to plaster a toolbar across the top of my browser screen. And not only a toolbar, but an utterly useless toolbar that does nothing but direct you to their website.

Attention Meraki, fuck you. Get the hell off my computer.

See you all in Michigan.


  1. As the banjo music fades in the background, you scrape off the layers of sun screen and aloe after sun products we wave goodbye to the truly unique breeding pool (very shallow breeding pool) and run to the sanity and safety of Michigan? I know it only happens once every two years but the P-cola series was very funny and I am looking forward to the additionally funny exploits of SKS on the road. Your pain is simply for our amusement. OK not real pain, and it wouldn't be funny if something truly terrible happened... oh you know what I mean. Have fun, stay sane.

  2. Beastly! I thought you died!


  3. Today's high in Northern Michigan is 65. And yes, I do think that's incredibly awesome.

    Wave to Linux Journal for me while you're in Houston.

  4. Uh, there's as much or more banjo music in Michigan as in the Panhandle...

  5. Jim, I really like it when you visit your relatives. Your pain is our gain. :-)

  6. Yay, Jim is coming to my neck of the woods...so to speak. At least it is closer than Alaska.

  7. Ah lahk mah Meraki room tempertyoor on a skyu-wer!

  8. I'm busy on Wednesday, Jim. And Friday.

    Just sayin'...

    Dr. Phil

  9. Not dead just avoiding 100 and Hell temperatures. Ugh. FESTOOL school rocked. I want all of it now! piles of black and gray tools! Interlocking sustainers and systainers! Multi-Function tables and every Dust Extraction system and a KAPEX!!!!!!!!! Mwaaaahaaa ha ha!
    Whew that one got away from me.

    Bastard eh? Nice. Tell your folks Hello for me you Putz.

  10. Jim,

    The WiFi toolbar that so offended you was my fault,not Meraki's. They notified me about it. I didn't even know it was on. I have turned it off so if you go through PNS again, you'll have to find something else to annoy you.

    Happy traveling!

  11. What offends me is the mindset that you have the right to add a toolbar to my computer screen. You don't. You have no right whatsoever to modify my display, the fact that the wifi service is free is no excuse. If you intend to modify my display, you better ask my permission first - especially when you're plugging in a toolbar that amounts to little more than spam.

    Additionally, if you didn't know it was on, well, I guess that shows how often you check it. Way to admin there.

    And the service disconnected 3 times in the space of about an hour. Not the most reliable setup.

  12. Jim

    The fault dosen't lie (spelling/grammer?) with the above commenter but that Bill Gates and crew think it is OK for somebody else to do things to your computer without asking you, in the background, if it is OK first.

    One can also wonder why the courts thing that popups are agreed to because you break the shrink wrap. I've an HP color printer that I'm told daily is disconected, you bet I turned it off because I only use it once a week or so. The Canon laser BW is also turned off, but doesn't tell me; it also doesn't print until I turn it on. Things queue. I'll never buy an HP product again if I can help it.

    On air travel and security. In 99 I did about 200k miles. There is no public evidence that the 9/11 hijackers had anything with them they couldn't take through security. I normally carried two boxcutters and a jack knife with a razor edge. I didn't even know I had one of the box cutters.

    All of this nonsense could have been avoided if they had adopted current cock-pit security rules back in 69 or so. When the five jumbos got hijacked to, I think, Egypt.

  13. Jim,

    I test my network frequently. I use Firefox as my browser with the NoScript addon. I never saw the toolbar. Maybe you need to upgrade your software so those little annoying things don't pop up when you don't want them.

  14. Thanks for the advice, Anonymous. And if I was just some random dipshit with a Windows laptop and IE7 I might even take it. However, as it happens I have a Masters in CompSci and thirty years experience in advanced computer and communications systems.

    I use Firefox myself, as my default browser, however I have scripting turned on because I need it for certain applications.

    I fully understand your defensive response - I've been a network admin myself a number of times over the years and I fully understand what a thankless bitch the job is - but a word of advice, if you're running a public network, you need to test the system using the standard default of Joe Average Mundane - not using some pimp mac daddy Geek Box with custom settings - otherwise you tend to miss things, like scripting you might accidentally have on without realizing it. What else don't you know about your network?

    And you have a weak spot in your WiFi coverage near Gate 3, right by the central concourse pillars, next to the outlet facing the gate desk, either than or you're getting RF interference from something in that area about once every five minutes or so.

  15. You know, Anonymous Pensacola Airport WiFi Admin Guy, the more I read your last post the more appalled I get. Let's see if I have this correct, the tool bar that pissed me off is MY fault because I should have had scripting turned off to protect me from YOUR network because you couldn't be troubled to actually know what was going on with it because you deliberately filter yourself from your own network.

    That about right?

    Really, stellar answer. Seriously. I can understand why you'd want to be anonymous.


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