Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shatner Beat

As Eric said: Bill, I publicly forgive you for Star Trek V (Not Generations though, I'm still pissed about that):

(This is a Hulu video, I like the quality better than You-Tube, but you've got to put up with the commericial)

Amusingly, this is a top trending topic on Twitter today, Shatner seems somewhat bemused by it all.


  1. I agree that the Hulu version is higher quality than anything on Youtube. However, for the people who aren't in the U.S., this one is pretty good.

  2. Youtube post got copywronged.

  3. Hulu has nice video, but they've got to figure out this commercial thing better -- maybe they need to be bought up by Google.

    First time, the ad was for Regenerist. Now, think about the demographic for Shatner reading Palin poetry... But as happens, despite being on a fast internet connection, the download got lost and I had to reload the page -- which means they "win" by getting to show me a second commercial. This one about back hair. (Actually it wasn't really, but the problem with a bad commercial is that sometimes you don't remember what it was for.)

    But Shatner? Brilliant.

    Dr. Phil


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