Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Home again in Alaska.

Long, long flight - but not too terribly bad, except for the Texans. But, really, I should thank them because tomorrow's blog post practically writes itself.

Very, very tired. Need shower and sleep, in that order.

See you tomorrow, Electronic People.


  1. Electronic people
    Live on Electric Ave
    (Like the old '80s song),
    Work for Electric Co.
    (Another '80s song)

    They have static hairstyles
    They're making buzzing sounds
    They can't use debit cards
    Electronic people
    All have shocking sex lives

    Electronic people
    Always starting small fires
    They're sticking to paper
    Demagnatizing discs
    Causing cancer in kids

    Electronic people
    Cannot go for a swim
    Without killing small fish
    Cannot go to the store
    Without sounding alarms

    Electronic people
    Are a blight on the face
    Of modern living and
    Should be rounded up and
    Put before shorting squads.

  2. (I fully expect that Vince should top that and admit there's a reason I don't write poetry anymore.)

  3. Wasn't the Electric Company a children's program on public TV in the 70s?

    Tom Leher wrote a couple of songs for them.

  4. The Electric Company was indeed a children's show in the '70s. I used to watch it for the Spider-Man segments.

    It's also a song from U2's first album, back when they were awesome (am I the only one who's started to think they need to ditch the lead singer?). And a $150 property that rents for 4x the dice throw (10x if you own both utilities).

  5. I used to watch it for the cute young lady dressed up as about a 4 year old.

    I have no idea why my 4 year old was watching it.

  6. Point of information: my older brother lives on Electric Avenue (in Venice, CA). So I actually have rocked on down Electric Avenue.

    (Weird thing was that when he first moved there he'd start singing the song and no one else would get it. I'd say we're just old, but Eric's younger than either of us, so I guess that's not it.)

  7. "Electric Avenue" was a mainstay on MTV in the early '80s when it came out--I can't remember the artist's name for the life of me, but the image of him cruising down the street on his motorcycle is indelibly inked on my brain. (Also, he did the theme song for Romancing The Stone: "I'm ro-mancing the sto-one/Never leaving your poor heart a-lone....")

    If you're thirtysomething and/or a GenXer, you probably remember the song; much older, I'm thinking you wouldn't have the strong connection to those early days of music television.

  8. ntsc said... I used to watch it for the cute young lady dressed up as about a 4 year old.

    You mean Edith Ann? In the giant rocking chair? That was Lily Tomlin :)

    Gracious, good afternoon...

  9. I can't remember the artist's name for the life of me

    Eddy Grant, of course.

    Electric Avenue. Oh No! We gotta rock! And then we'll take it higher!

  10. Actually here's a better version...

    Let it play for a minute or two before Electric Avenue starts.

  11. I'm having a hard time telling whether the irony of setting Grant's lyrics against the images is intentional or not.

  12. Your 4 year old was watching it for Morgan Freeman - Easy Reader.

    The Electric Company beat Sesame Street hands down.

  13. It wasn't Lilly Tomlin, she was laugh in first.

  14. wups - had my TV wires crossed...

    yup - she only had a cameo or two on T.E.C.

  15. Electric Company was far and away the best.

    My favorite bit?

    Who is it?
    It's the PLUMBER! I've COME to FIX the SINK! ACK!

  16. I love the song Electric Avenue, but I have to say the video confuses me.

    But that's not hard to do I suppose.


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