Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Have A Picture Of My Cat


It’s been a while since I posted a picture of ShopKat, so here you go:


She’s sitting on top of some rough cut burl pieces that will eventually become bowls.  I’m not quit sure why she’s sitting up there, but she spent most of the morning perched on that slab staring out the door into the drive. 


  1. Is she getting over her case of the fats?

  2. She's slimmed down, though she'll probably always resemble a penguin to some extent.

    She's quite fleet of foot though, and stealthy as all get out. Yesterday's haul was three voles and two chickadees. A hawk scared her back into the shop though and cut her hunting day short.

    I really wish she'd stop killing the birds, I like the chickadees and I want them around. The voles and mice though, she's welcome to wax as many of those as she can catch.


    So, did she end up staying with the default name of Shop Cat, or does she have some other official name that you use for her?

  4. Her official name is Denali.

    Her official position is ShopKat.

    But I usually call her Stinky.

    She answers to all three with equal affinity.

  5. She answers to all three with equal affinity.

    i.e. none at all?

    She's looking pretty chunky in that picture. ;)

  6. The position of her ears in the photo make me think that she's somewhat annoyed- perhaps the hawk is hanging around.

  7. She's not annoyed Pam, she was just turning her head when I took the picture. She loves attention and is one easygoing animal. She's probably the most affectionate cat I've ever seen.

    MWT, yeah she's still a little chunky, but mostly it's just how she's sitting in the picture. As to answering to her name, she comes better than the dog. She follows me at heel all around the shop and outside, and comes promptly when called.

    She's also recently decided that she likes the dog and spent part of yesterday sleeping next to Jumper. This is a new development.

  8. I don't see how you could POSSIBLY get any woodworking done in a shop with a cat in it. Unless you're Andre Norton. Or something.

    (shuffles off whistling)

    Dr. Phil

  9. There a difference between woodworking and writing, Doc. See, there was a reason all of Norton's aliens were catlike...


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