Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Take That John Scalzi!

The last Alaskan Sunset of 2008.


A while back John Scalzi published a picture of sunset in Ohio.

In response, I published a picture of sunset here in Alaska.

John was not impressed.

Jealousy, obviously, pure and simple and green eyed. It’s never pretty. Scalzi has always been intimidated by my sunsets. But even he will have to admit to the incredible awesomeness of this one. I think it’s pretty damned cool (literally, it’s –25F at the moment, and falling).

Sunset 1 I am, of course, just kidding.   Happy New Year, all.  Even you, Mr. Scalzi.


  1. But, once again, there's shit in between you and the sunset.

    Happy New Year anyway!

  2. Happy New Year from EST, where it's already 2009. Looks good so far.

    Nice sunset.

    Dr. Phil

  3. Happy New Year from West (by God) Virginia!

  4. Jim,

    Has it occurred to you that the extreme heat from that sun could react with the trapped oxygen molecules in the ice on those branches and incinerate the Earth?

    This picture of yours is totally irresponsible and requires further safety checks before we proceed down this path.

    I'm filing suit in Guam tomorrow to prevent the sun from rising or setting until further studies are done.

  5. It has occurred to me, Nathan. And, of course, being part of the conspiracy to destroy the world via black holes generated by super colliders, I just don't give a crap. Muwahahahahahahahahaha

  6. Jim-
    Happy New Year to you too.

    Great sunset, I love the effect of the frozen trees.


  7. That is very lovely, Jim.

    Happy (cold) new year!

  8. ooo... an actual sun in your sunset this time! Very nice! :)

  9. Ah! When I get my camera unpacked I'll show you my Tolovana sunset pictures with BONUS crescent moon and Venus.


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