Friday, December 12, 2008

One more thing...

...before I leave for Anchorage.

Got a package today.

This is the second package I've received from the same person in as many days.

I'm not going to tell you what was in it. Yet. I need to take a few pictures.

However, I will say this - Random Michelle is my new favorite person in the Universe.


  1. Does this mean you're no longer out to get me?


    Though I think the first package was a LOT more fun. (laugh)

  2. So much for the theatre of ideas. Someone sends you swag and they're your new best friend. I send you two military SF stories and nothing but Stonekettley silence.

    Clearly you respond to bribes. I, sir, still have my standards. Plus I'm cheap.

    Dr. Phil

  3. Dr Phil,

    Before you feel bad, it was a thank you gift.

    And he kinda deserves it after the package I sent to his wife earlier in the week. ;)

  4. Oh I don't feel bad. Merely figured I needed give our host a poke, before he gets all mushy on us. Last time that happened he got a cat.

    Dr. Phil

  5. Dr. Phil is my absolute favorite commenter on the entire internet today.

    Cats happen!

  6. BTW Jim, you may want this for future reference if you missed it earlier in the week.

  7. Cats happen.

    So very true. That's how I ended up with four cats once upon a time. Whilst living alone. And being single. I wasn't out looking for two additional cats - they just kinda came to me.

    I have three cats now (my oldest one passed away a couple of years ago), but I also have a male roommate and a boyfriend, so I think I've shed the Crazy Cat Lady title.

    For now.

  8. We really need to know more about these packages. :)

  9. I think Jim just likes being coy.
    Man of mystery and all that malarky.

  10. Oh, forgot to add...
    LOVE the new photo. Almost as awesome as the last one (I'm partial to green) but not quite.


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