Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm going to be offline for a while.


I may be back today. Maybe not. We'll see.


  1. He's gone!

    Where's Shop Cat? Where's the chocolate? Where are the good movies?

    (plops down on sofa and puts feet on the coffee table)

  2. Chocolate. I'm looking for the chocolate.

  3. Quit playing your video game and blog! Sorry for the comment if there is something of more importance going on!

  4. I know who you are anonymous.

    Your grandson says thanks for the card.

  5. By the way, Jim, you cannot imagine how majorly awesomely cool it is that the quote on your blog homepage is from my all-time favorite guilty pleasure movie, Doc Hollywood. That movie rules so hard it hurts.

    Stay warm!

  6. Nice pig, Doc!
    Yeah, that's what they tell me.

    That movie, Bryan, has Julie Warner naked. And really, that's all that needs to be said. Julie is the shizzle.

  7. I'm on Chocolate Patrol with Michelle & Vince...I mean, there's ALWAYS Christmas chocolate left somewhere!

    hi, my name is Wendy and I'm a chocoholic...

    Hope you all had a good holiday.


  8. neurondoc, we never let a little thing like that stop us. Have some chocolate!


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