Friday, September 12, 2008

But only if they're deep fried...

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating

A1? Somebody pass the A1 Steak Sauce.


I stole this quiz from here, and here. Yes, that's redundant. Thanks, Ken


  1. What Jim managed to leave out was that he scored the same when they left out the "starving" part.

  2. 39% Apparently, I am soft.

    I am also long-legged, so good luck catching me once I start to run. Heh.

  3. There was a "starving" question?

    Hmmm, must have missed that - I thought my score was a little low.

    Seriously folks, after a couple of weeks of MRE's, your squad mates start look tasty...

    Just saying

  4. two words: Beer Battered

    'n chips.

  5. Steak sauce? Ever heard the term "long pig"? What you want is a nice honey glaze. And sliced pineapple.


    Okay, that one tickled m' gag reflex.

  6. Raspberry Vingerette on a bed of mixed greens, Jeff, just in case you were wondering how I like my long pig.

  7. I prefer my friends chocolate dipped and rolled in nuts - I'm not so big on deep fried.

  8. And you had to take a quiz to tell you this? Sorry friends, but if I amstarving and your dead.....
    But maybe the quiz tells you if you won't wait for them to become dead?

  9. Dead? Who said anything about dead? I like my meat alive.

    uuuuuuhhhh! Braaaiiiins!


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