Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Update your spell checker, idiots

It's "Palin" Pee Ayh El Eye En. Palin.

Not "Paulin"

For fuck's sake, if you're going to search the internet for hysteria and hyperbole regarding the prospective VP so you can add more made up crap to it and publish it on your website as "fact," at least get her name right.

That is all. Carry on.


  1. Jim, I respectfully disagree.

    Ladies and gentlemen, please feel free to cast your votes for the Republican candidates McClane and Paulin. If you don't see them on your ballot in November, it's probably some kind of political sabotage by the Democrats, and you should write them in.


  2. Well, I'm all for that, Eric.

    But it bugs me.

    You should see the search strings I'm getting:

    Here's a sample from the last two hours:

    "sarah paulin evil"
    "sara paling end times"
    "sarah pulen hates feminists"
    "sarah palin betray women"
    "abortion sarah palin crazy bitch"
    "sarah palin is a liar!"
    "paulin library censorship"
    "sarah pualin naked" (my personal favorite)
    "sarah plain police scandal
    "paulin stupid quotes"
    "creation bible church sarah"

    And like that. Researchers conducting scientific non-biased fact finding no doubt.

    Attention Democrats: I've said it before, I'll say it again: After eight years of George W Bush, if you lose this election, it's your own fucking fault. There's plenty of intelligent and savvy folks in the Democratic Party, but as a group, you're idiots.

  3. After eight years of George W Bush, if you lose this election, it's your own fucking fault. There's plenty of intelligent and savvy folks in the Democratic Party, but as a group, you're idiots.

    Truer words have rarely been said.

  4. I'm getting hits for "Shawn Palin" over a rather non-political post I had a while back...

    At least they got her last name right. ;)

  5. "but as a group, you're idiots."


    Could be worse, they could be searching for Paul Lynde as the governor of Alaska, John McCain's running mate, and perpetual center square on Hollywood Squares (you know, before he died).

  6. All of this gives me the giggles - especially as they're all in my state (VA) tonight. 'Round here, we call her "Paahh-lin", or maybe just 'Miss Sarah'.

    But what a sad state when American political debate continues to elicit no more emotional response from me than the giggles? (The pig thing is a hoot.)

    At least this year I'm feeling a response, at least. I'm finding that I have an opinion. Eeep!

    BTW - been gone awhile. Glad you're still hangin' tough. I still intend to buy a bowl one of these days.

    PS - when Palin was nominated, I actually thought of you (though we've never met), and wondered what your thoughts were. How's that for fame?

  7. Steve, you know I didn't mean that as a personal insult :)

    But, I swear to all that is holy, the Democrats are their own worst enemy. What they need to do, right now, is shut up about about Palin. Seriously, if she is the inexperienced little beauty queen they keep saying she is, then she's not worth the hoopla. Carol Elaine had a good point on her post today - Last paragraph, regarding McCain and slight of hand. The dems need to focus on their message and mission, and if they must mention the opposition, then they need to address the primary target, McCain, not Palin. When they do what they're doing right now, they're showing everybody that Palin is a real threat, that they consider her a real threat, and that she is actually a viable and strong leader instead of what they're saying she is. The democrats have given her far more credibility than she ever gave herself. And so far, at the national level all she's really done is give a great speech. Obama is a better speech maker, and he should play to his strengths, or he's not the man he wants us to believe he is. If he keeps this up, the Republicans won't so much as win, as the democrats will lose.

    Cam, good to see you back, where have you been?

  8. Oh, something that I meant to mention:

    Put of what led to make that comment above, several of those search strings originated from servers that are obviously at various DNP facilities.

    palin library
    palin censorship
    palin sports complex
    palin hockey mom
    palin police firing
    palin creationism
    palin feminists or woman's issue

    or variations of the above are originating from a number of servers across the country that are clearly labeled as belonging to the Democratic Party.

    I assume the Republicans are doing the same, but I'm not seeing many hits for that - though I have seen a number from CNN's servers in Atlanta and NY.

    And it just irritates me.

  9. Cam - who is hanging out in your neck of the woods tonight? Because Ms. Palin just came home to AK this afternoon - and every hotel and restaurant in town is packed to the gills. I know this because I'm here on business through tomorrow and it's been a mass influx of media idiots. :P

    Thank goodness I'm an ex local and know non-touristy places to go to get away from the mobs. (Momma O's for fish and chips...)

  10. Makes me glad to be an independent. What I lose in choice during the primaries, I make up for in the ability to disassociate myself from the bird-witted idiots on both sides.

  11. I'm "Undeclared" myself - which means I vote for whoever impresses me the most. Which in this case is turning out to be nobody. Wonder if it's too late to do a write in for Bozo the Clown? At least he was entertaining.

  12. "Wonder if it's too late to do a write in for Bozo the Clown? At least he was entertaining."

    I'm more of a Joker fan, myself.

    He can make a pencil disappear.


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