Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day, no really.

Folks I am extremely busy this morning, because I've basically accomplished nothing this weekend.

- I took Saturday off and spent it with my son, sue me. I took yesterday off and went to Anchorage with my family. We saw the new movie, Babylon A.D. in the new digital projection format (which just completely rocked, both the format and the movie. I loved this movie - it's everything Children of Men should have been - and wasn't. I don't give a shit what you say, I love Vin Diesel movies). Anyway and as such, I've let a couple of things pile up, and I've had a couple of unexpected issues suddenly appear on the horizon, and I need to deal with those things first. Plus, it's Labor Day today and you should all be out enjoying the day - or at the least putting your heads together and making up shit about Sarah Palin and her family.

- And speaking of Sarah Palin, the previous post has gotten tremendous play in the last three days - tens of thousands of hits, I don't have time at the moment to total it up and it keeps changing moment by moment anyway. Following some of the links back, and reading the comments in both the news and in other blogs (both liberal and conservative) I've discovered a number of interesting, disturbing, and just weird-assed things - which I will share with you. Later. Suffice it to say that if you don't know anything at all about a political candidate, or anything at all about Alaska - it's perfectly OK to just pull it out of your ass as long as you're doing it for Jesus and the Democratic Party. And the Republicans are actually worse. Stupidity, Hypocrisy, Cluelessness, Racism, and Misogyny are rampant. A perfect example is Scalzi's Blog where the discussion predictably turned into an evolution/creationism debate, based on Palin's presumed position divined through sound bites and made up bullshit by people who know absolutely nothing about Wasilla, Alaska, Palin, or the school system here. But that sure didn't stop them. (Update: Uh, re-reading that and suddenly realized how it sounded. John Scalzi didn't say anything like that, or even imply it. It was a numer of commeters, and Scalzi put an end to it as soon as he realized what was going on.) Oh, and it's OK to repeatedly refer to a Down's Syndrome child as a "retard" or a 17 year old girl as a "filthy whore," as long as they're children of a political candidate whom you happen to dislike. I'll talk about this and more, later today.

- I've gotten a lot of mail from the Palin post, and a number of folks who wrote asking about bowls and artwork. Yes, yes, yes, I will do my best to upload pictures later today - in fact I'm in the process now. Check the Flickr site, some are appearing even as we speak. I know I'm horribly behind on doing this - it just takes so dammed long. But I will do it today, and get up a list of what's sold and what's available. Those of you who bought my prize winning fair entries, I'll pick those up and get them in the mail tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. Expect PayPal invoices later today, via email.

- I will get up the Contest winner later today. No, I don't know who it is yet. I've got it narrowed down to those people who bribed me with presents, money, and sexual favors. If you weren't one of those people, so sorry, loser, better luck next time.

So, anyway. There you have it. More later.


  1. How about if I win I promise not to tell your wife you were willing to trade sexual favors for winning the contest?

  2. Ha! That's any empty threat - for so many reasons.

    But there's still time to transfer money into my my Paypal account, just saying, Michelle. Paypal, the modern bribery tool. Ahh, technology.

  3. Sexual favors? So that's what you're going to do with my bribe from Triple D Farm?? You, you, you sick asshole!

    I am rather bummed that I was without my own computer for headline writing and asshole tale-spinning.

    I loves me some Vin Diesel too. For completely different reasons. Or maybe not... Jim did mention sexual favors, and he was in the Navy.

  4. Triple D farms, funny I was just talking to those guys on Saturday at the fair. They're maybe five miles from my house.

    Babylon A.D. is probably Diesel's best movie to date, a lot more depth than the usual action/scifi/thriller. I really enjoyed it, but then again I really enjoyed the Chronicles of Riddick as well, which I think was an excellent scifi flick and to hell with everybody else. The scifi community is like everything else nowadays - they've become a monoculture - anything that isn't Star Trek or Stargate regurgitated is automatically panned and derided.

  5. I love Vin Diesel movies too (it's a combination of things).

    And it's a real pity you didn't mention you'd be open to bribes of sexual favors. You probably would have gotten a lot more interesting bribes than apple butter and stinky tofu and brownies! Something more along the lines of [whisper whisper whisper] and then [whisper whisper] before [whisper whisper]. Yeah. See what you missed?

  6. It is entirely possible that I have a turkey or two waiting for me at Triple D. A friend of mine bought some this spring, and is now off to New Zealand. I planned on paying you a visit if I do need to go and pick them up.

    I was originally going to be down your way for a wedding this weekend, but John being up in Deadhorse nixed that.

  7. it's a real pity you didn't mention you'd be open to bribes of sexual favors

    Fine Print, Anne, it was implied in the fine print - plus, I just assumed that you guys knew me well enough to figure that part out on your own :)

  8. Tania, if you come down to get your turkey, let me know. You're right in my neck of the woods. And then you could join Jeri and Beastly in the ranks of Stonekettle Station regulars who have dropped by, though you'll be the first to do so with fowl in hand...

  9. Need I remind you that some of us live on the EAST COAST and it is later here than it is there and I have to get up at like 3:00am MY TIME and I need to know WHO THE FUCK WON THE FUCKING CONTEST ALREADY, YOU COMPLETE AND UTTER ASSHOLE?

    Sorry, I just got a little enthusiastic there for a sec.

    Better now.

  10. All contest issues aside, I stopped reading Scalzi's Palin post when the comments hit triple digits - and I am supremely disappointed that his commenting community went as far downhill as you mention in your post. I'm not interested in going to read myself to find out, but ewww, ick, not people I want to jump in the sandbox with at all.

    And you know, re: bribery, my work (or lack thereof) stands on its own. ;)


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