Friday, September 5, 2008


Folks, I do have a post today, half done and likely to remain that way for a while.

I had a couple of phone calls to deal with - that consulting thing that I occasionally do - and it's set me back significantly. So, posting today is delayed for a couple of hours while I take care of some business.

If you're looking for me online - I'm not here.

Back this evening.


  1. Ha HA! He's left the place ungarded again!

    Now where's that stash of chocolate I hid here last time?

  2. *poofs in, still armed with the same air rifle that has a silencer, a scope, and a laser sight*

    Bwahaha! :D

  3. All would be forgiven if you would just post that darn video of yourself dancing.

    Oooh, the latest issue of "Wiretap Weekly"! Shiny!

  4. Michelle, make sure you don't touch anything...you remember how upset Jim got the last time we left chocolate fingerprints lying around.

    Where's he hiding the beer?

  5. I DIDN'T DO IT!

    John was SO trying to get me in trouble!

    Ahhh.... (sinking down into the sofa) chocolate.

    And whiskey!

  6. And don't point that at me! Really! I'm an accident waiting to happen!

    Just because I'm on a first name basis with some of the emergency room nurses doesn't mean I need to visit them!

  7. I'm here for the beer. And it's good to see Michele didn't eat all the chocolate.

  8. Wait, is it milk or dark chocolate?

  9. Dark of course. Milk chocolate is wrong.

    Especially Hershey's which uses slightly sour milk in their process.

  10. Michelle, milk chocolate is oh-so-right...provided it's made with quality ingredients. A phrase that is mutually exclusive with "Hershey's."

    Except for Skor. Those I can eat by the dozen.

    I'm off to the shop to play. Anyone coming? (Except you, Michelle. Because I care for you, and I'd like you to make it out here for your well-deserved vacation.)

  11. Can I come if I stand back?

    And wear steel toed boots and safety goggles and leather gloves?

  12. I'm sorry Michelle, but dark chocolate is oh so wrong! yuck! But that's cool, because then we won't steal each others chocolate.
    Like the new corrosive avatar, btw. ;)

  13. Michelle, you can come if you maintain a 10 foot radius between you and the power tools.

    And wear safety gear.

    And don't touch anything.

    And make brownies.

  14. How long do we have before Jim comes back?
    I am thinking he would be pleased as punch if we "made" him something while he was gone...

    That way he COULDN'T get mad at us for playing with his toys, cause we did it out of love :)

  15. Hey, look, I brought the cat merry-go-round from my last workplace!

  16. Sorry! Finally made it, it's only a wee bit of a drive down teh intartoobes.

    Michelle, I brought some romance novels and issues of True Confessions (did you know that they sell it!). Let's go put things in Jim's bookshelf and magazine stash for him to find as a surprise! Bwahahahahaha!

  17. Jim,

    Your package arrived today.

    I can honestly say I have no idea how to thank you!

  18. Bawahahahahahaha!

    The real prize is, of course, on the way.

    And again Bawahahahahahaha! It took me all morning to come up with that.

  19. And that'll teach you to eat all the chocolate.

  20. Well, I did remind you all to read the fine print. It's in the first line - some assembly required.

    I don't know how I could have been any more clear.

    Bawhahahahahahahahaha! I've been laughing about this all week.

  21. BTW,

    I showed my grandmother to package contents, and the note, and she just looked at my funny.

    After about the third explanation, she got it.

    "Where did you meet these people?"

    Dad thought it was funny though. :)

  22. "Where did you meet these people?"

    Some days I ask myself the same question. But at least I took some of the chocolate with me.

  23. Well after the last incident, *I* put the white one on the merry-go-round until she nearly barfed.

    What? That's what it's for:


    She's much more docile, now.

  24. Who wants boring in a friend? Not me!


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